Every spring, golfers around the world look forward to jumpstarting the golf season by watching the best players tee it up at Augusta National Golf Club. The Masters — the first of the four major championships throughout the year.

A favorite of many spectators, the course setup is as beautiful to look at as it is demanding on each golfer’s game, featuring some of the tightest lies experienced anywhere on the PGA Tour. Roger Cleveland, chief of golf club design at Callaway Golf, says, “Augusta National and the Masters put more of a premium on technique than a U.S. Open.” Much like the perfectly placed pine needles around the course, these extremely tight lies put extra pressure on the players’ short games and make it very difficult to get under the ball as they attempt to control their shots around the green.

You will likely face a shot during a future round of golf similar to what the professionals will face this week at the Masters. To help you understand the challenge of tight lies, how to play them and what to watch for during the Masters this weekend, GolfTEC Vice President of Instruction and Education and Master PGA Professional Andy Hilts offers the video below:

As you practice these shots, try the Business Card Drill to help improve your contact no matter how difficult the lie. For additional drills and help perfecting your short game, talk to a GolfTEC Coach today and enjoy the 2015 Masters at Augusta National.


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