How To Adjust For Hot Golf Course Conditions

Playing golf in hot course conditionsDuring the summer months, many of us see temperatures in the 80s, 90s, and in some cases over 100 degrees! This warm weather makes for some great days out on the golf course before the colder weather rolls in. However, with the warmer weather we often see the golf course conditions dry out, changing the way your ball reacts to different situations and making it more difficult for you to get around the course. Here are a few pieces of advice for playing your best during those hottest rounds of the season.


Before even teeing off make sure you consume enough water to not become dehydrated. I’m not a fitness professional, but keeping your body well hydrated will help you improve concentration and maintain your energy level throughout your round. You’re about to spend 4+ hours outside in the heat—prepare yourself!

Check Your SpeedDry Golf Course Conditions Putting

Often when courses dry out in the summer heat, the greens become faster. Before you tee off, make sure you roll a few putts over 20 feet to get a sense of how fast the greens are moving. A good way to gauge the speed is to line up and putt to the fringe, stopping the ball as close to it as possible without going too far or coming up too short.

Watch for Big Bounces

Increase Driving DistanceDrier fairways can sometimes mean hitting longer drives with big bounces and roll out, but remember the same conditions apply for your shots coming into the greens. The ball will typically bounce more when the ground is firmer, so aiming to land the ball right next to the pin with a large bunker right behind it may not work as well as during softer course conditions. In this case, you may be better off aiming to land a few yards short of the pin, allowing for that big bounce and roll while still avoiding the bunker. Adjust the distances you try and play for the conditions!

For us golfers, there is very little more fun than teeing it up with our friends on a summer day with the sun shining. If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be better prepared for what the course conditions throw at you, to play your best and beat your buddies while you’re at it!

Have questions about how to adjust your game for hot or dry course conditions? Ask you GolfTEC Coach about an outdoor playing lesson!


  1. here in flA we do not have dry greens fairways, etc so the only thing we deal with are 100 degree plus days and mind boggling heat and humidity

  2. Also in Florida most golf courses that I’ve ever played have water every four holes now that I live in Ohio they don’t have water jugs on the golf courses something that just boggles my mind


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