Meet GolfTEC Timonium Certified Personal Coach Robert Oxley, our February Coach of the Month!

By GolfTEC Digital

Each month on the GolfTEC Scramble, we draw attention to one our Coaches that goes above and beyond the call of helping people play better golf and grow the game. Last month we introduced you to Brad Hunter, our January Coach of the Month, and we’re back again with another outstanding GolfTEC Coach, Rob Oxley.

Robert Oxley, GolfTECA Class-A PGA Professional and graduate from the Methodist University PGA Golf Management Program, Rob played 14 years of competitive golf and has taught thousands of golf lessons. A long-time student had this to say about their time working together:

“Throughout my golfing career, I have never been able to hit the driver consistently over 180 yards. I decided I wanted to change that so I could play at any golf course, regardless of length, comfortably. Over the last four years working with Coach Rob, not only do I hit the driver over 200 yards, but I understand why I am able to do it. With his help, I have gained consistency in the ball flight, carry distance, and overall confidence in stepping up to any tee box.” – Mauro P.

We asked Rob a few questions about what’s led him to be such a passionate and skillful instructor. See what he had to say below:

What were the driving factors for you in becoming a golf instructor?

Throughout my life, the two that stand out above the rest were direct influences from my grandfather, Billy Downs, and my high school mentor, Terry Shaffer.

It was my grandfather that truly sparked my initial interest and love for the game. Billy is a retired lifetime PGA Member, and still an instructor at a golf club in Nevada. I remember growing up watching him teach lessons and thinking that could be me one day. Over the course of my childhood I decided to follow in his footsteps.

But it was my high school mentor, Terry Shaffer, who helped me discover my passion for the game. Terry is a teaching professional in Maryland, and I give him a lot of credit for teaching me the basic fundamentals of giving golf lessons and how to properly use cameras to teach. To this day I still contact him anytime I have any questions about the golf swing.

Play better golf - GolfTEC

What is the most important thing you’ve learned as a golf instructor?

To have 100 percent positive energy from the first lesson to the last, each and every day. Displaying positive energy throughout the day is what brings the students back and helps them stay motivated!

Do you have any single moment as an instructor that stands out above the rest?

My most memorable moment as an instructor was in 2014 when I played in a tournament with a student who achieved his lifetime goal of a hole-in-one. It was such a rewarding experience for me as a coach to be there for it in person.

GolfTEC Coach Rob Oxley
Coach Rob Oxley demonstrating a drill to increase driver distance

What is one of your favorite student improvement stories?

It has to be when I helped one of my beginner students make her college golf team. After a year working with her, she not only made the team, but earned a place as a starter and shot an all-time low score. Her scoring average dropped from near 110 to mid 80s within a year.

Lastly, what is the advantage for you teaching at GolfTEC compared with other places you have taught?

Everything is fact-based and quantified. I’ve worked at multiple other locations but could not explain cause and effect well enough to each student. The technology and credibility of our systems gives us an advantage in helping people improve. It makes it really easy to help people swing more efficiently and play better golf!


  1. So proud of my grandson Congratulations Rob I know Grandpa Billy is especially proud of you. I know you will follow in his footsteps! Grandma Fran

  2. Rob is an excellent instructor. I’ve only been taking lesson from him for four months now. His enthusiasm and basic explanation has helped me cure problems , or at least understand them. No matter how bad this old guy hits it , Rob will always come up with a positive thing about my bad hit. With an instructor like Rob I know an old dog can learn new tricks.

  3. love your instruction video live in Scarborough Ontario Canada love to book some tme with your instrucation in Canada Iam a new player love to have some of your knowledge and time to improved my skills and get a better average on my time thanks


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