Maximize your practice by using feedback! In this three-part series, GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach Aram Hudson highlights useful drills incorporating physical feedback as a tool for dramatic improvement.

By Aram Hudson

Who this drill is for:  Anyone struggling with an outside-to-in swing path (meaning your divots point left of the target as a right-hander) and inconsistent, weak and slicing shots.

What you’ll need:  Three tees (preferably white or bright-colored) and your driver.

What this drill will help you accomplish:  The tees provide instant feedback, both visual and physical, to help create more of an inside-to-out path for solid shots that won’t slice away from the target.

Stop your slice with the three-tee reroute drill

How to do it: 

  1. Tee up a driver as you normally would.
  2. Place the first tee 2 feet behind the ball, directly in line with the target.
  3. Place the second tee 5 inches to the inside of the first tee (closer to you), at a perpendicular (90-degree) angle to the target line.
  4. Place the third tee 2 feet in front of the ball, this one 5 inches to the outside in relation to the target line (away from you). Tees No. 2 and 3 should form a straight line through your teed-up ball.
  5. Remove the teed-up ball and take a few swings to practice this. The goal is to lightly brush or swing over tee No. 1 in your backswing, then do the same with tees 2 and 3 in your downswing.
  6. After you’ve practiced this successfully, tee your ball back up and do the same while hitting the ball.

*Tip:  If you successfully swing through all three tees but the now ball is launching right of your target, this means your path has improved but the clubface is open at impact. So, here’s a useful drill to square your clubface and get back on target in no time!

Watch the Three Tee Drill in action below:

Be sure to talk to your local GolfTEC Coach to find out your swing path and if this drill is right for you!


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