Our Student Success series takes an inside look at real GolfTEC students and the Certified Personal Coaches helping them improve.

By GolfTEC Digital

Marci GolfTEC Success Story!Since 1995, GolfTEC’s mission of helping people play better golf has guided everything we do. Using the combination of technology and talented Coaches as the backbone to accomplish this, we’ve grown grown into the world leader in instruction, with over 6 million lessons taught and a 96 percent success rate.

What does a 96 percent success rate mean? That our students have satisfactorily reached their goals of improvement, which, on average, leads to a seven stroke drop in scoring.

Our new series, Student Success, takes an inside look at the progress of real students and their Certified Personal Coaches. We start with GolfTEC student Marci and Coach Steve Hockman, who have been working together to improve the lateral sway of her hips and tilt of her body. This has resulted in a better club path at impact for consistent contact and more distance.

Through Steve’s positive attitude – a high five or two – and Game Plan to aid Marci’s improvement, it’s amazing to see her progress in the past 10 months and plans to keep it going. Check out the short video below …

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  1. I’ve been golfing for over 18 years and have always struggled with a “Slice”, on my drives! I am about a 14-16 handicap and have never shot in the 70s, which has become my goal in golf! I am also a visual and detail oriented individual, but I am at the point where I need professional help to reach my goal! I have never had a personal lesson in my 18 years of playing and am ready now! I am on a budget and searching for help!

    • Enrique, we’d be happy to help and now is the perfect time to get started with GolfTEC as we’re offering up to 20% off Lesson Plans! Check out our nearly 200 locations on our website to find one that is conveniently located for you (https://www.golftec.com/locations) and if you would like additional information feel free to call our national call center at 877-446-5383.


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