As featured on Golf Channel’s The Golf Fix, GolfTEC Coach Nathan Morris shows you how to draw the ball with a simple practice drill. 

By GolfTEC Digital

As part of our exclusive series of GolfTEC features on Golf Channel’s The Golf Fix and School of Golf, GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach Nathan Morris shows some common swing faults uncovered by our SwingTRU Motion Study™ that lead to a weak, slicing ball flight. We also see how Nathan helped his high school golf student, Anna, improve her wrist hinge and hip turn to result in a drawing ball flight and 40 yards added to her drives!

As clearly shown in the before-and-after comparison, Anna’s wrist hinge increased closer to the tour average, allowing her hands to follow an in-to-out, drawing swing path. In addition, Nathan helped Anna reduce her hip turn at impact to create more clubhead speed.

Take a look at the feature and drill below, squeeze a ball between your elbows, and talk to your local Certified Personal Coach who can help you start playing better golf today!

Golf Channel Feature

The Ball Drill

1. Take a small, soft ball and place it between your elbows at address.

Golf Channel Feature Wrist Hinge Hip Turn Ball Drill

2. Take slow rehearsal swings, making sure to extend the lead arm and control the trail arm bend at the top of the backswing.

Golf Channel Feature Wrist Hinge Hip Turn Ball Drill Top

3. Hold the ball between your elbows through the impact position. This will help simulate proper wrist hinge and promote an in-to-out swing path.

4.  At the impact position, look for forward shaft lean (the shaft of the club leaning toward the target) and weight transferred toward the target, on the lead leg.

GC Feature 4 Shaft lean

For more drills like this, check out the GolfTEC Scramble daily or find a GolfTEC Improvement Center near you to start playing better golf today!


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