Want better ball flight? Read into how your wrists bend in the swing. GolfTEC’s Katie Finney offers the Book Drill to help. 

By GolfTEC Digital

Delivering a square clubface through impact is paramount to striking the golf ball properly— and we see a lot of amateur golfers struggle with this aspect of their game. Controlling the lead forearm and wrists can make or break this square delivery to the ball at impact, so learning how to neutralize the lead wrist throughout the swing can serve as a solid starting point for improvement.

GolfTEC’s May Coach of the Month, Katie Finney, is here to show you how to control your lead forearm and wrists with a simple drill you can practice anywhere. And with a little practice, more consistent contact and better ball flight may just be right around the corner.

But first, let’s tackle some of Katie’s terminology. A neutral lead wrist means that at the top of the backswing, the wrist appears on a “flat” plane for golfers with a conventional grip. This flat wrist allows the clubface to be square at the top, and subsequently remain that way throughout the downswing and impact. For golfers with a stronger grip, a neutral lead wrist will be slightly cupped toward the target, while golfers with a weaker grip will have theirs slightly flexed, or bowed, away from the target.

Take a look at the video drill below, find a hardcover book, grip the spine and start flighting the ball better today!

The Book Drill



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