A new head shape and material headline Callaway Golf’s “most forgiving driver ever”

By Jon Levy

“Where can they go next?”

In terms of golf club design, it seems technology has already maxed out every possible nook and cranny of performance. But, somehow, the most innovative golf club manufacturers still manage to answer that question by surprising even the biggest of skeptics with clubs delivering more distance and accuracy than ever before.

In terms of Callaway Golf, a company long known for constant innovation and pushing the envelope on where golf equipment can and will go next (see original Big Bertha driver), their latest offering — the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion — promises a higher MOI and more forgiveness than any driver they’ve designed. Ever.

As Callaway Golf explains:

Callaway big bertha fusion beautyBig Bertha Fusion pushes the boundaries of forgiveness like no Callaway club ever has. The key benefit? More forgiveness means straighter flight on mishits, and straight flight nets longer distance, drive after drive.

To increase forgiveness you have to raise the head’s MOI measurement. We’ve succeeded dramatically by developing a revolutionary clubhead design that starts with an aerospace-grade titanium exoskeleton called an EXO-CAGE. The EXO-CAGE is fitted with a crown and sole composed of an ultra-light, ultra-strong material called triaxial carbon. Triaxial carbon is made possible by the deep knowledge we’ve gained from our years of experience incorporating carbon materials into our metalwoods.

In other words, what’s old is new again.

Callaway Golf has found a way to incorporate their new triaxial carbon material — a much-evolved version of any carbon they’ve previously used that’s 65 percent lighter than titanium and 35 percent thinner that older carbon materials  — to strategically optimize the center of gravity and increase MOI by up to 17 percent compared to the XR16 driver.

Translation: Higher ball speeds all across the face and longer, more accurate drives on off-center hits.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver gallery

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“Our overall design objective was to utilize some recent breakthroughs in multi-material construction, along with shape, to deliver our most forgiving driver and fairway wood.”

Callaway Woods R&D Director, Evan Gibbs

VIDEO: Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver features & benefits

Maximum Forgiveness from Fusion Technology
Big Bertha Fusion pairs an aerospace-grade titanium EXO-CAGE with our ultra-light triaxial carbon crown and sole. The fusion of these materials allowed Callaway engineers to position substantially more weight in the perimeter and far back from the face compared to our previous drivers, resulting in a dramatically higher level of forgiveness.

Speed and Forgiveness from a New and Innovative Shape
Big Bertha Fusion’s triaxial carbon EXO-CAGE gives us the freedom to break previous tradeoffs regarding head shape, giving us the ability to create an appealing new shape that combines fast aerodynamics with high MOI. The new shape also gave us new options in acoustic engineering, allowing us greater ability to evoke an especially satisfying sound and feel.

Increased Head Speed from Industry-leading Aerodynamics
The streamlined head shape, aided by our proprietary Speed Step that we created with the help of aerospace experts, is designed to move faster through the air.

Two High Performance Stock Shaft Options
1. UST’s first ever Recoil driver shaft is designed to load energy on the downswing and unload with an extraordinary combination of power and precision through impact.
2. Mitsubishi’s Diamana Red shaft combines a firm midsection and active tip to promote high launch, low spin and fast ball speed, and to make it easier to hit a distance-enhancing draw.
*Available in stock shaft lengths of 45.5 in. (distance focused) and 44.5 in. (accuracy focused)

Three choices of loft (all 460cc heads)
1. 9 degree
2. 10.5 degree
3. 13.5 degree HT

The Callaway Great Big Bertha Fusion is available Sept. 9 for pre-sale and hits shelves on Sept. 30, at a retail cost of $399. 

Big Bertha Fusion fairway woods

Complementing the same material change, and added forgiveness and distance the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver promises, the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion fairway woods are also set for a retail launch of Sept. 30. Available in 3-wood, 5-wood and 7-wood lofts, these new fairway models will retail for $249.

As Callaway Golf explains:

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion 3-woodBig Bertha Fusion Fairway Woods reach a new level of forgiveness by fusing our industry-leading, multi-material technologies into one club. And more forgiveness means straighter flight on mishits with longer distance. By applying an extremely high MOI design and head shape, golfers will increase the quality and accuracy of their off-center hits.

The crown is composed of an ultra-light, ultra-strong triaxial carbon material and weighs in at just 5.8g. Remarkably, this crown is 78 percent lighter than a typical steel crown, which allows us to position weight in strategic areas of the head to optimize the center of gravity and increase MOI. And the Hyper Speed Face Cup promotes dramatically higher ball speeds all across the face, leading to more distance at every impact location.

As always, talk to your local GolfTEC Coach for more information on the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver and fairway woods, and schedule a TECfit custom golf club fitting for the newest equipment in golf!

And for more tips and all the latest instruction, news and equipment information, check out the GolfTEC Scramble daily and find a GolfTEC Improvement Center near you to start playing better golf today!


  1. I just went to Scottsdale GolfTec on Shea Blvd for Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver and fairway wood fitting process. Amazing experience going thru the fitting process and thanks to my coach Jeff Emmrich who really helped me select the right lie, loft and shaft for the driver. I couldn’t believe how light this driver is and very easy to hit, even if I miss hit the drives and yet got the distance. During the fitting process I was able to hit 270 yards drives with higher launch angle and low spin. I also tried fairway wood and was able to hit up to 250 yards.


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