Golf Basics: Use this simple drill to learn a proper address position 

By GolfTEC Digital

At one point or another, your golf buddies have probably given you a tip or two about how to address the ball. And, they’ve probably covered the full gamut of analogies:

“Feel like you’re sitting on a bar stool.”

“Think about it like if you’re on the basketball court, playing defense against Michael Jordan.”

But, none of these comparisons ever seem to be quite right, so GolfTEC’s VP of Instruction and Master PGA Professional Andy Hilts, is here with a simple answer to your address problems: The referee stance.

If you’ve ever seen a referee or umpire take their stance, they typically hold an athletic posture with a slight knee bend and strong core. This allows for ease of movement, proper posture and balanced weight distribution on your feet.

Here’s how to do it:

The Referee Drill for a proper address position

The referee drill is as simple as it gets. When done correctly, it will put you into proper address position every time.

  • Set your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Bend slightly at the knees
  • Rest your hands just above your knees
  • Grip the club and swing!

Knowing what an improper address position feels like can be just as helpful. Notice how at right Andy’s weight is too far toward his heels and he’s slouched over. 

  • Don’t bend your knees too much
  • Don’t let your weight fall toward your heels
  • Don’t slouch over your knees
  • Don’t lock your knees straight

Check out the quick video below and observe the differences in Andy’s posture. Forget the bar stool and basketball analogies, and use the Referee Drill for a good address position!

VIDEO: The Referee Drill

Not sure if this drill is right for you? Find a GolfTEC near you and talk to a Coach who can help today!

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