Sample the instruction that helped our Coaches become Golf Digest’s ‘Best Young Teachers’

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Golf Digest Best Young Coaches 2016-'17 logoWe often say our Coaches at GolfTEC are some of the best instructors in golf. Well, just as it’s been confirmed in years past, this notion has been supported by Golf Digest, who just released their ‘Best Young Teachers in America’ with four GolfTEC Coaches making it onto the prestigious list.

Published in the upcoming November issue, Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers in America is an aggregated collection of the best golf instructors under 40 in all 50 states, as voted on by their “mentors, peers and students.” So, it is with our utmost pride, attention and adulation that we congratulate GolfTEC Coaches Nick Clearwater, Patrick Nuber, Doug Strawbridge and James Kinney, who have been named Golf Digest’s 2016-’17 Best Young Teachers in America!

But don’t just take the magazine’s word for it — we’ve collected some of the best tips and drills from each of the four Coaches below. So check out some of the instruction that landed them on this list, and use it play better golf! Congratulations, Coaches!!!

GolfTEC Coaches on Best Young Teachers list

Nick ClearwaterNick Clearwater Best Young Teacherspga-logo

Senior Director of Teaching Quality, GolfTEC Headquarters


A Certified Personal Coach with GolfTEC since 2012, Clearwater is a credentialed teacher on the PGA Tour, one of the key driving forces behind GolfTEC’s SwingTRU Motion Study, and leads the internal, ongoing education system for GolfTEC’s network of over 600 Coaches, called GolfTEC University (GTU). He was also named a Golf Digest Best Instructor in Your State (Illinois) in 2011, and is a 2001 PGM graduate of Ferris State University.

Recent instruction, tips and drills from Nick Clearwater:
  1. The GolfTEC SwingTRU Motion Study in action
  2. Finish position myth vs. reality
  3. What is the GolfTEC SwingTRU Motion Study? Clearwater explains on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive

Patrick NuberPatrick Nuber Best Young Coachespga-logo

Director of Teaching Quality, GolfTEC Headquarters


 Based out of GolfTEC Headquarters with Clearwater, Nuber is one of the principal instructors of GolfTEC University and a lead voice for many of our video tips and drills. He has taught over 15,000 lessons, trained over 1,000 GolfTEC Coaches and was named Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year in 2011.

Recent instruction, tips and drills from Patrick Nuber:
  1. Rickie Fowler’s spin loft and your tee shots
  2. Why proper hip movement is crucial to your swing
  3. As featured on Golf Channel: The Follow-Through Wrist Bend Drill to to fix your slice


Doug StrawbridgeDoug Strawbridge Best Young Coachespga-logo

Regional Manager (Houston) & Director of Instruction, GolfTEC Upper Kirby


 A Certified Personal Coach with GolfTEC since 2002, Strawbridge has given over 20,000 golf lessons and is one of GolfTEC’s most successful Coaches. Before coming to GolfTEC, he played collegiate golf at Mary Hardin-Baylor. He is also a 2014 STPGA Player Development Award Winner.

Recent instruction, tips and drills from Doug Strawbridge:
  1. The Ping Pong Drill to improve shot trajectory through feel
  2. The Business Card Drill to promote solid contact with your irons
  3. As featured on Golf Channel: Downswing sequence to draw the ball

James KinneyJames Kinney GolfTECpga-logo

Manager, owner & Director of Instruction, GolfTEC Omaha


Long considered as one of the best golf instructors in the Midwest, Kinney was a 2007, ’08, ’10 & ’11 Nebraska PGA Teacher of The Year winner. He also made Digest’s Best Young Teachers list in 2014-’15, and was featured as part of their Best Teachers In Your State in 2015-’16.

Recent instruction, tips and drills from James Kinney:
  1. Master your speed on the greens to eliminate three-putts
  2. Learn to read greens like Adam Scott and make more putts
  3. Why Kinney loves teaching golf and coaching at GolfTEC

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