Here’s a simple exercise you can do in your living room to add distance in 2017!

By GolfTEC Digital

We’ve made it no secret on the GolfTEC Scramble about how, contrary to the understanding and belief of many, that by changing knee flex during your backswing you can create a bigger turn and generate more power.

It’s often said – and sometimes taught – however, that golfers should instead limit the amount of turn in their hips and maintain the flex in their knees at all costs.

But, as GolfTEC’s Brad Skupaka explains, the longest hitters actually tend to change knee flex more during the backswing to allow for a greater turn and more shoulder tilt. Because it’s this movement that allows them to hit generate maximum power.

Check out Skupaka’s explanation in the video below (and fact-check our claim with the GolfTEC SwingTRU Motion Study!) as well as his simple demonstration of how to add more of a change in knee flex – which will help you gain a greater turn and more distance – in the comfort of your living room this winter.

VIDEO: Change knee flex for more distance!


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