Golf Basics: Nail these two basic putting setup fundamentals before anything else

By GolfTEC Digital

Golf Basics: Putting setup fundamentalsIf you’re one whose putting prowess leaves much to be desired – as in, your buddies will gladly take one-to-one odds you’ll miss a two-footer under pressure – you could be guilty of two common characteristics often associated with the poorest putters out there.

As Nick Clearwater and Jon Levy discuss in our latest Lesson Series video below, it’s often a lack of basic putting setup fundamentals the least skilled putters have that’s at the root of their poor putting. This can be caused by a misunderstanding of what should be happen in their setup, or in many cases occurs from a visual miscue.

In either case, this “fact vs. fiction” idea is of course nothing new to us, as GOLFTEC’s technology-based platform of instruction and visual feedback tools have been at the helm of our lessons for the past 22 years. For many golfers, though, feel vs. real is often totally different.

Two major areas of visual miscues playing a role in putting setup are with ball position and body alignment, or aim, to the intended putting line.

These characteristics can result in a host of complications and compensations in the stroke to get the ball online. Which, of course, means more room for error and a lot of missed putts.

So, take a look as Clearwater and Levy discuss these points in detail, and employ these general guidelines in your setup before tinkering with the finer points of your putting stroke!

VIDEO: Two key putting setup fundamentals


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