The new Ping G400 driver is a throwback to (impact) feelings of old. Our in-hand review

By Jon Levy

What’s old is new again.

An accurate statement with fashion, architecture and … golf club design?

In the case of the new Ping G400 driver and G400 fairway woods – Ping’s follow-up to the G Series – what’s old IS new again. Because once you hit one, you’ll be instantly reminded of how great the woods of yesteryear sounded and felt when you hit the ball “on the screws.”

Make no mistake, though, the new Ping G400 driver and woods are more than a fond trip down Nostalgia Lane.

These clubs are packed full of new technology that not only enhances sound and feel, but adds distance and accuracy in comparison to the Ping G.

In short, the Ping G400 line is a more-than-worthy next-generation release from Ping.

Our In-Hand Review: Ping G400 Driver & Woods

GOLFTEC got a sneak peek at the Ping G400 driver and woods directly from the source – three of Ping’s lead product engineers – during a recent visit to Ping Headquarters in Phoenix.

As you’ll see in the video below, Ping went back to the drawing board with the G400 to eek out more ball speed and forgiveness, but under the guiding tenet of improving the sound and feel of the club at impact.

Have I mentioned the sound and feel of the new Ping G400 driver and G400 fairway woods?

Think of a cross between an old persimmon head and muted metal driver from the 1990s-early 2000s. The Ping G400 driver and woods deliver an unforgettable “thwack” at impact like I haven’t felt in years, if not ever.

The sound is distinct and the feel – if no more creative way to describe it – is dead solid. Petty much anywhere on the face.

This was the winning combination, says Ping’s Marty Jertson, that led to an overwhelming positive reaction from Ping’s tour contingent upon first contact with the G400.

So, if you’re keeping score … sound and feel = GREAT.

But the new tech employed, which adds ball speed and forgiveness to the Ping G400, shouldn’t be downplayed either. Because, after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Here’s the Cliffs Notes version of new technology in the G400 driver and woods creating performance benefits over the G series:

More aerodynamic shape: Bolder Turbulators and Vortec technology create 15 percent less drag for more clubhead speed.

Forged face: Ping’s first forged face in a driver allows for 1-2 mph faster ball speeds across the entire face.

Tungsten sole weight: Creates the deepest GC location in golf for a combined MOI of over 9000, which means it’s Ping’s most stable and forgiving driver ever.

Updated dragonfly technology: Saved weight in the crown and skirt to increase MOI and optimize CG location.

Engineered acoustics: The internal rib structure was fine-tuned with the forged face for a powerful sound and feel at impact.

A color-shifting shaft: The stock, counter-balanced Alta CB shaft allows for more mass in the head to increase energy transfer. But it gets major “cool” points for color-shifting paint technology that changes its copper color to appear black at address and eliminate distraction.

Three head options: Similar to the G Series, the G400 driver offers a standard head (9º & 10.5º), LST (Low Spin) head (8.5º & 10º) and SFT (Straight Flight) head (10º & 12º). The streamlined hosel offers 1 degree of adjustment in either direction.

The verdict: Ping G400 Driver

If you haven’t caught on yet, I LOVE the way the Ping G400 feels at impact.

But it has more than just a solid sound and feel – the performance is equally impressive. So much so, that I was able to get my ball speeds into the mid-160s range, which is over the moon for me.

My bottom line?

I’d be a happy golfer gaming the G400, to say the least. And I’d expect it to be popular with better players and less-skilled ones alike, because of its forgiving, easy-to-hit characteristics across the entire face.

The verdict: Ping G400 fairway woods

I haven’t yet mentioned the fairway woods, but that shouldn’t downplay these equally impressive designs.

The G400 fairway woods employ a low-profile head that sits nicely at address, while producing that same, solid “thwack” at impact. In addition, reworked Turbulators draw your eyes directly to the golf ball, which is far from the case with many fairway wood designs.

Bottom line: The G400 fairway woods are winners in my book as well.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Check out Ping’s own thoughts on the G400 driver and G400 fairway woods below, as well as in-hand photos and full features and benefits, and contact your local GOLFTEC to demo or purchase these impressive designs from Ping! 

*Also, stay tuned for our upcoming review on the easy-to-hit Ping G400 irons, crossover and hybrid!

VIDEO: Ping G400 Driver & Woods

IN-HAND PHOTOS: Ping G400 Driver & Woods

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*Contact us to demo or purchase the new Ping G400 driver & woods! 

Features & Benefits: Ping G400 Driver & Woods

Ping G400 driver

Ping’s One-Liner
The multi-material design combines drag-reducing technology with a speed-inducing forged face and MOI-raising tungsten sole weight to deliver longer drives and fairway-finding forgiveness.

Faster Shape
Streamlined design combines with bolder Turbulators and Vortec Technology to advance aerodynamics (15% less drag) for more clubhead speed.

Forged Face
Engineered to increase face flexing (6% thinner, 16% more flexing) and deliver a powerful sound and feel, the forged face is precision machined to produce hotter ball speeds (1-2 mph) for more distance (approx. 5 yards) across the entire face.

Tungsten Sole Weight
With a combined MOI over 9000 and the deepest CG location in golf, it elevates stability and forgiveness to Ping’s highest levels ever.

Dragonfly Technology
Ultra-thin crown and skirt produce weight savings to increase MOI and optimize CG location. Overall, Ping engineers had three times more discretionary weight to use to increase the MOI and optimize the center of gravity.

Engineered Acoustics
Internal rib structure tuned for powerful sound and feel

Color-Shift Paint Technology
The premium copper shaft paint transitions to black as you address the ball. The counter-balance design of the Alta CB allows for more mass in head to increase energy transfer.

Fitting Options

— Standard version available in 9⁰ and 10.5⁰
— LST (Low Spin) available in 8.5⁰ and 10⁰
— SFT (Straight Flight) available in 10⁰ and 12⁰
— Trajectory Tuning Technology 2.0: Lightweight, aerodynamic hosel adjusts +- 1 degree.

*Retails starting at $399

Ping G400 Fairway Woods

Ping’s One-Liner
Its ball speed and stopping power comes from an innovative maraging steel face that flexes 30 percent more than any previous design — making it Ping’s hottest, highest launching fairway wood ever. A low lead edge and new, bolder Turbulators elevate your ball flight and confidence from any distance.

Maraging Steel Face
One of the strongest and most flexible alloys in the world, maraging steel is an ideal face material to deliver faster ball speeds that launch shots farther, higher and straighter.

Cascading Sole
Engages at impact to increase face flexing for higher launch.

Thinnest crown
Ultra-thin 17-4 SS crown cast to .48mm for weight savings to increase MOI and optimize CG location.

Fitting Options
Standard head:
— 3-wood at 14.5⁰
— 5-wood at 17.5⁰
— 7-wood at 20.5⁰
— 9-wood at 23.5⁰

SFT (Straight Flight) head:
— 3-wood at 16⁰
— 5-wood at 19⁰
— 7-wood at 22⁰

Stretch 3-wood head at 13⁰

Retails starting at $269

*Contact us to demo or purchase the new Ping G400 driver & woods! 


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  1. I hit the Ping 400 fairways at the range yesterday and love at first swing. Straight and high from the first swing to the last. I will be replacing my 2009 driver and fairway with this technology when they come to market.

  2. My wife just bought me the Ping 400 driver this week for my birthday. I have never touched a golf club that can come close to this club. It is the greatest driver money can buy. Anyone looking to purchase a driver needs to hit the Ping 400. It will go long and straight.


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