Increase distance and height off of the tee by dialing in a key element you may never thought of: angle of attack

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There are few experiences during a round that beat a long, high and straight drive. For many golfers, however, that can be a rare encounter.

In this installment of TECTIPSBrad Skupaka explains how you can add distance to your drives by not only swinging faster, but being aware of your angle of attack.

Angle of attack refers to the vertical measurement of how the club is moving through the ball at impact.

TECTIPS Driving Distance - Arms outIdeally, having an angle of attack level to the ground or moving slightly upward can help add distance and height off of the tee.

To practice this, start with short backswings and as you follow through, feel like your chest is moving upward toward the sky with your arms fully stretched out.This will help to create the ideal angle of attack.

Once you feel more comfortable with this movement, add more speed and you should start to see the ball going farther and flying higher.

In the video below, Skupaka simply explains these motions to help create the distance you’ve always been craving. Of course, this is merely a starting point in the right direction, to truly know if you need help with your angle of attack talk to a local GOLFTEC Coach!

VIDEO: TECTIPS – Increase Driving Distance

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If you’re not sure if this tip is for you, find a GOLFTEC near you and talk to a Coach today!

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