We bust the myth that club fitting is just a ‘fad’ or ‘gimmick’ & prove it can have a real impact on your game

By Sabrina Naccarato

Facts & misconceptions of adjustable drivers- club fittingGolf isn’t an industry free of the cheeky gimmicks. If you spend enough time watching tv, reading magazines, and scrolling social media, you probably know what I’m talking about.

However, there’s one thing we’ve heard people label a “gimmick” and we’d like to clear the air about that specific subject once and for all: Club fitting.

We’ve seen our fair share of haters call out club fitting as just another “fad” that doesn’t really benefit the game. As we’ve said before, we’re a company rooted in facts and numbers. So let’s dive into them and show you why club fitting is the real deal and can improve your game and shave strokes off of your scorecard.

What is a club fitting?

What comes first: lessons for club fitting- club in hand

I’m so glad you asked! When you come into a GOLFTEC for a club fitting, we check out your current set of clubs and have you hit them to create a baseline. Then, you get to hit all new clubs.

Yes, you get to hit the latest clubs from the top equipment manufacturers. Pretty sweet.

Based on the fitter’s analysis of your swing, the data from the launch monitors and our own club fitting software – TECFIT – the fitter will change out heads and shafts and adjust weights to dial in the perfect settings that’ll compliment your swing.

This combination of fitter and technology, of understanding your swing and ball flight tendencies, provides a unique view of what club is the best for you.

You’ll probably be surprised by the considerable distance gains you’ll see when you compare your old equipment vs. the newly optimized stuff.

Gains, gains, gains

On average, 75 percent of our students see distance gains after a driver fitting. So what about that other 25 percent? All that means is their driver was fit pretty darn well before they came in for their fitting.

However, fittings aren’t all about increasing distance; focusing on accuracy is another crucial element of club fitting. If you fall into that 25 percent of students that don’t gain much distance, you could benefit from tightening up your dispersion.

So between helping you hit longer tee shots AND helping you find the middle of the fairway more often, club fitting sounds like anything but some sort of gimmick. But then again, if there’s truly one way to convince anyone of the true worth of a club fitting, I’d recommend trying it out for yourself.

Check out the video below as Nick Clearwater explains why club fitting is anything other than just another golf fad.

VIDEO: Improvement after club fitting

If you’re ready to purchase clubs, schedule a club fitting at a local GOLFTEC  today! 

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