Video Transcript:

The Masters is right around the corner. I can’t wait for Sunday afternoon, hole #13, my favorite at Augusta National, with over 1,600 azalea bushes that flank the left side of the hole.

As the tour players come to the tee at 13, what faces them is a tee shot that has to move right to left to position the golf ball in a place that is closer to the hole, closer to Rae’s Creek and leaves a mid-to-long iron distance. If the players miss it here at 13, they are not going to miss left very often because left is going to produce a lot of those “others”, and that is one of those numbers they are trying to avoid on 13.

If players miss on 13 they are hoping to miss this a little more to the right, up into the pines where you saw Phil Michelson in 2010 thread that shot through the trees to hit the green and move on to make birdie and win the Masters.

Here is a golf tip about how you can produce that right to left ball flight and learn how to hit a draw:

What creates that ball flight is a path of the club head that works inside to out relative to your target line and a club face that is closed relative to that path.

The tour players know that, but they aren’t going to think about that when they hit 13. When they hit 13 they are going to think about picking a target, staying in their routine and executing the shot at hand.

If you have a hard time hitting that right to left ball flight, it might be time to talk to a GolfTEC Coach.

Hope you enjoy the beautiful sites and sounds of the 2014 Masters.

Bonus video explaining the relationship of the club face to the target and club path in order to hit a push draw:


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