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By Ryan Gager

As Mariah Swigart, better know on social channels as “Ms. Swag Golf,” got closer to her PAT (Playing Ability Test) she felt like she needed an upgrade in her equipment. That’s when she decided to take a trip to her local GOLFTEC for a club fitting. Join us for a look at how Mariah found the perfect irons for her game.

Understanding Where Your Clubs Need Improvement

“It was time for new irons,” she explained with a grin as she shared her anticipation for the day. Mariah, a golfer who’s passionate about taking her game to the next level, understood that a proper club fitting is a crucial step in enhancing performance. She was determined to get fit for new irons that could elevate her game.

After warming up and testing her current clubs, Mariah’s GOLFTEC Master Club Fitter showed her some measurements inside the TECFIT software. He pointed out that her launch angle, backspin and decent angle were too low, which are holding her back on distance and stopping power on the greens.

Understanding the importance of achieving the right balance between launch angle and spin for maximum distance and stopping power is key to determining the right equipment for you and your game. After understanding where her clubs needed improvement, it was time to start testing new ones.

Mariah’s Master Club Fitter shows where her current irons need improvement

Finding The Right Clubs To Achieve Optimal Performance

In testing new models, her Master Club Fitter always compared their performance to her current irons, specifically focusing on her launch and descent angles. The discussion revolved around the need to optimize these specific metrics for better stopping power on the greens.

“The tour average descent angle with a seven iron is closer to 50 degrees,” he explained. “If we can get our students to come in with a seven iron more like 45 degrees or so, then that’s going give you better stopping power on the greens.”

Mariah’s launch angle and ball flight were on the lower side as well, so the focus was on finding irons that would launch higher and spin more, therefore creating a larger descent angle. By trying several combinations of iron heads and shafts they were able to find the right set for Mariah.

Mariah hit several new models of irons to dial in the one that fit her and her game and provided optimal results.

Revealing Which Irons Mariah Was Fit For

As with anyone getting new clubs, Mariah’s excitement was palpable as she hurried to pick her new clubs then promptly headed to the range to test them out.

Upon seeing her freshly customized clubs, she couldn’t help but admire their beauty. Mariah was fit for the TaylorMade P770 irons with Recoil graphite shafts. The new technology in the P770 head along with the graphite shaft helps Mariah launch the ball higher with more spin and also get the proper descent angle for stopping power on the green.

Looks are an important part of getting fit for new clubs as well. Mariah liked the way the irons looked, and even though she has graphite shafts, they are sliver to resemble steel, which is the look she preferred. Additionally, she had the shafts turned upside down so that the lettering faced downwards. This attention to detail was a small touch that enhanced the aesthetic of her clubs. And let’s not forget the custom grips. Swigart had chosen elegant white Golf Pride grips, making her irons truly unique.

As she began to swing her new irons, her joy and satisfaction were unmistakable. “I’m just amazed at how much height I’m getting,” she exclaimed. “I’m really happy with them. I feel like I can draw the ball a lot easier and feel the club a lot more in my swing. I’m just happy; these are great.”

Mariah was fit for the TaylorMade P770 irons with Recoil graphite shafts and white Golf Pride grips.

Ms. Swag Golf’s experience at GolfTEC was not only a step forward in her golfing journey but also a showcase of how the right club fitting can be an exciting and personalized process. With the perfect blend of style and performance, her new irons are set to take her game to new heights. To have your own personalized club fitting like Mariah, find your local GOLFTEC and talk to a Master Club Fitter today!

For more on club fitting, check out the videos below from GOLFTEC, including Hannah Gregg getting fit for irons, and Joe Hooks getting fit for a driver.

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