Swing Journey – Lauren Suzuki

Lauren Suzuki

SCGA Tournament of Club Champions Winner

Student Profile

Age: 56

Student Since: June 2022

Location: GOLFTEC El Segundo

Coach: Brian Song

The Way to Way Better

  • Working on club path and face angle to eliminate slices
  • Improved club exit position helping promote in-to-out swing path
  • Created hip sway towards the target for more consistent shots
  • Strengthened grip for straighter shots and increased distance
  • Dropped 10+ shots in a year and a half with GOLFTEC

“Lauren came to GOLFTEC because she was frustrated with shooting rounds in the 90s. She started with me in June 2022 and in about 20 lessons has show a dramatic improvement in her game – now shooting scores in the low 80s and has gone on to win a couple tournaments. I’m extremely proud of her progress and am looking forward to her continued success.”

Brian Song, GOLFTEC El Segundo

Lauren Before Swing

Lauren After Swing

Inside The Lesson

Coach Brian has been working with Lauren on her club path, especially through impact and follow through. As her club exits, Brian would like to see her club finish a little bit higher. The checkpoint occurs when the club is parallel to the ground on the downswing. The clubhead should be behind her hands to promote a more in-to-out path leading to straighter shots. From the face-on view we can see that Lauren’s numbers for Hip Sway and Shoulder Tilt are both better on the right side of the screen where she wasn’t coming over the top, and instead had an in-to-out path.

Lauren's Favorite Drill

There are two important swing measurements that Lauren has been working on are club path and face angle. As GOLFTEC’s Nick Cross explains in this anti-slice drill, often many amateurs take the club back with the club face pointing straight up to the sky. Instead, on the backswing make sure your club face is pointing down toward the ground. This will ensure your club face isn’t open as you make impact, which is the cause of shots that start right (for right-handed players) and keep slicing right. Start with the basics in this drill, doing only half swings at first until you are comfortable, then take full swings and kiss those slices goodbye.


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