Swing Journey – Olivia Lammey

Olivia Lammey

Earned Golf Scholarship to College of Idaho

Student Profile

Age: 17

Student Since: September 2020

Location: GOLFTEC Boise

Coach: Aaron Blakeley

The Way to Way Better

  • Worked on alignment, aim and swing path
  • Altered shoulder position at address to correct slice swing path
  • Created consistency in driver ball flight, aided by driver fitting into PING G430
  • Increased distance by 20+ yards with added swing speed
  • Improved knee flex has led to more consistent ball striking with irons

“Her maturity and approach to golf is one of her most incredible attributes, as she sees the game as a chess match with the golf course. Using the techniques she learned through GOLFTEC has helped her think and strategize her way around the course. I have never meet a student that works harder than she does, and she is very humble as well. Her ability to stay focused and in the moment is what has gotten her to this point.”

Aaron Blakeley, GOLFTEC Boise

Olivia Before Swing

Olivia After Swing

Inside The Lesson

Coach Aaron has been working with Olivia on her hip sway and hip turn. As you see on the left side of the screen, Olivia is swaying slightly away from the ball with a hip turn of only 26 degrees. In contrast, on the right she has a hip sway of 3.4 inches towards the target and 49 degrees of hip turn. Having her hip sway move more towards the target keeps her weight shifted onto her lead leg instead of her trail leg. This leads to more consistent strikes. Having a bigger hip turn leads to increased club head speed and overall distance. So not only is she hitting it more consistently, but she’s hitting it farther at the same time.

Olivia's Favorite Drill

Olivia has worked hard to improve her hip sway as noted in her lesson above. To do this, one of her favorite drills is pushing her hips toward the target as she’s at the top of the backswing, as demonstrated by GOLFTEC’s Patrick Nuber. By keeping your hips moving towards the target, you are creating a bigger turn and rotation with your club, while also creating a better club path which reduces slicing and promotes a more in-to-out path helping to hit straighter shots and even push-draws. Through impact you should still feel your weight over your lead leg and an increase in shoulder tilt. It’s best to start slow and piece this drill together from the top of the swing to follow through, then when you are comfortable introduce a ball and start hitting more consistent iron shots.


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