Swing Journey – Thea Boyd

Thea Boyd

First time breaking 100, Thea shot 99 at The Summit Club

Student Profile

Age: 35

Handicap: 27

Student Since: March 2023

Location: GOLFTEC Spring Valley

Coach: Xena Motes

The Way to Way Better

  • Improved club path on take away, promoting more in-to-out path
  • Increased shoulder turn at the top from 78 to 88 degrees
  • Worked on hip sway to push hips towards target on downswing
  • Lowered handicap from 35 to 27 in just six months
  • Shot first sub-100 round at her home course, The Summit Club

“Thea started her GOLFTEC Journey back in March of 2023. She originally started with shooting between 115-120 on 18 holes but with hard work and extra practice she finally shot 99, breaking 100 at her home club! I can not be more proud of her. She is definitely on her way to breaking 95 next time!”

Xena Motes, GOLFTEC Spring Valley Coach

Thea Before Swing

Thea After Swing

Inside The Lesson

GOLFTEC Coach Xena Motes has been working with Thea on her take away, then shoulder turn at the top. Thea’s shoulder turn at the top is at 78 degrees, and Xena wants her to get closer to tour average of 88 degrees. As for the take away, Xena compares Thea to Tony Finau, demonstrating that Thea’s club head is outside the lines, while Tony has his clubhead behind his hands at the same point in the backswing. Getting the clubhead turning more inside and behind her hands will help promote an in-to-out swing path, which leads to straighter shots and eventually drawing the ball.

Thea's Favorite Drill

One drill that has been key to Thea’s success is the hip sway drill. Thea has been working on pushing her hips toward the target and putting more weight on her lead leg through impact. Often, many amateurs turn their shoulders too much on the downswing, which actually pushes their hips away from the target. This causes several issues with contact and slicing the ball. Instead follow this drill from GOLFTEC’s Patrick Nuber and work on pushing your hips toward the target before starting your downswing. Like Thea, this will help you make better contact.


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