From beginning golfers to golfers shooting in the 70s, many players will release their power before the ball, instead of at or just through the ball. Since the release of power is directed before contact with the ball, golfers will typically have a right arm that is prematurely extended. This casting of the club during the downswing results in the maximum speed of the club head occurring prior to contacting the golf ball. When the release of the power happens at the right time, not only will players increase their driving distance but it will also help fix a slice.

Change Recommended:

Begin practicing by actually taking baseball swings — yes, baseball swings! Many people have been told that baseball swings only HURT your golf swing, but that is not completely true. There are certain aspects of a baseball swing that can hurt, but many that can help. Developing the proper timing of the release is very much the same in baseball as it is in golf. While you are striking the golf ball (and baseball) the unhinging of your wrists and extension of your arms happens while you are striking the ball. Watch the Baseball Bat Drill below to learn how baseball swings can help you feel the speed and power a proper release generates.

Other Factors:

To improve your ball striking, all fundamentals in the swing need to be sharp. One factor to monitor is a proper address position. Your shoulders should tilt to the right with the right shoulder lower than the left (for a right-handed golfer). As you look down at the ball, your head will be behind the ball, while your hands are in line with the ball. Setting up your body properly will make the release even more powerful.

Results to Anticipate:

Your timing will change as you work on this new release point. Depending on how often you practice, you will usually see results quite quickly. Don’t forget you are making radical changes to the timing of the clubface at impact. Only a couple degrees difference can radically change the direction the ball goes. Be patient as this can take some time!

Common False Starts:

A common false start would be to practice this while actually hitting golf balls. You’ll have more success sooner by practicing slower, half-swings into an impact bag. Also, video-based practice would be ideal.

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