4 Golf Flexibility Drills – Part 1

Drills for Proper Golf Warm-Up & Cool-Down

Despite the stereotype that golf doesn’t require athleticism, it is a strenuous game that requires the use of A LOT of different muscles. All of the different muscles used help generate power and control in the golf swing, so maintaining flexibility is extremely important for your game. Everybody has been told at some point that in order to be flexible you need to stretch more. Fortunately or unfortunately, all of these people are right – you need to stretch.

Most PGA Tour players have set stretching routines before they play golf. Miguel Angel Jimenez specifically is known for his unique driving range stretching and warm up routine. So why do doctors, personal trainers, and golf instructors alike advocate a diligent stretching routine both before and after physical activity? Quite a few reasons actually.  Stretching:

  1. Warms your muscles up by increasing circulation
  2. Increases flexibility and the range of motion in joints
  3. Reduces muscle tension
  4. Helps alleviate soreness and pain

At GolfTEC, we see students struggle with shoulder flexibility and difficulty turning the lower body through the swing on a regular basis. Knowing these common flexibility challenges, we wanted to share a series of pre-round and post-round stretches to help you get ready for the first tee and cool down after collecting your friends’ money after the round.

Ashley “AC” Cox walks through the first few golf flexibility stretches in the video below.

Pre-Round Stretches
Arm Circles
Knee hugs

Post-Round Stretches
Lying leg cradle
Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch

You can see additional Golf Drills from GolfTEC here.  Be sure to talk to a GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach if you are interested in additional golf-specific stretches that are best for your game.


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