Get Ready For your Round and Hit the Links Ready to Play.

How many times have you been playing golf and taken three, five, sometimes even nine holes to really warm up and find your rhythm? Or conversely, do you ever find yourself after your round sitting in the car or having drinks feeling very stiff and tight? Because at GolfTEC we know stubborn hips, tight shoulders, and stiff hamstrings don’t help your golf game, we’re back for part 2 of our series of golf flexibility drills and stretching exercises to do before and after your round of golf!

In the latest edition of golf flexibility drills, GolfTEC’s Ashley “AC” Cox explains four additional pre-round and post-round stretches to add to your golf routine.

Pre-Round Stretches


  • Arm Swings
  • Inverted Hamstring Stretch

Post-Round Stretches

  • Lying Hamstring Stretch
  • Kneeling Adductor Stretch


Be sure to check out Part 1 of the Flexibility Drill series for additional stretches you can do before and after your round of golf. Talk to a GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach to take your golf game to the next level!


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