Learn How to Achieve Ball Flight like the Professionals.

Staggerred_Stance_Drill_crossedoutIt is well documented that most golfers still have a slicing ball flight which for most is undesired since many elite players play more of a draw ball flight. You can break this problem down into two basic components: 1-a club face angle that is open to the path and 2 – a club path traveling outside-to-in of where the club face is aimed. Which one should you try to tackle first if you are struggling to rid yourself of that pull slice and hit more of a push draw? The real answer is “it depends,” which is why you should see a local GolfTEC Certified Professional Coach near you. For the purposes of this drill, however, we are going to change the path of the club first!

Following up from a previous drill, the Long Arms Drill, it will be difficult to get your arms extended if your hands work initially away from your body during the downswing and move in towards your body through impact. The result is a slice, poor contact, and your buddies telling you “you’re over the top again!” The Staggered Stance Drill is going to help you better control the direction your club swings because, after all, the club is attached to the hands so it makes sense to control the swing of the hands if we want to control the swinging of the club.


Below are three key components to a hand path that is designed for a drawing ball flight.

  1. Feet, hips, and shoulder closed or aimed right of target line
  2. Hands move inward initially during the takeaway
  3. Hands re-trace the direction they went back on coming down

Patrick Nuber, GolfTEC Manager of Teaching Quality & National Director of Instruction, explains the Staggered Stance for Hand Path Drill to help you swing more in-to out versus out-to-in.

Check out additional golf drills located on our blog here and contact a coach to start playing better golf today!


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