What Readers Liked The Most Last Year

As 2014 comes to a close, we at GolfTEC find ourselves thinking back to all of the great rounds of golf played throughout the year with our students, friends, and family alike. Looking back, we also shared many golf drills, equipment reviews, & entertaining golf reads on the GolfTEC Blog. To get you ready for the 2015 season, here’s a recap of our Top 10 posts from 2014 to enjoy and share as you celebrate the New Year, and think about your game in 2015. On behalf of all of us at GolfTEC, have a very Happy New Year!

Long Arms Drill1. Long Arms Drill For Improved Distance & Better Ball Striking

The Long Arms Drill will help you perfect your follow through and hit more solid golf shots by allowing you to create the proper impact position. See the 3 key components to a quality follow through and give this drill a try! Read The Article

2. Pick Your Head Up!Pick Up Your Head Drill

Should you pick up your head during your golf swing? GolfTEC’s Brad Skupaka thinks so! Keeping your head down too long in the golf swing can actually cause poor contact. Give this drill a try to find the right time to lift your head during your golf swing! Read The Article

Skate Your Way To Better Footwork3. Skate Your Way To Better Footwork

Proper footwork is crucial for weight transfer in the golf swing. See how golf meets hockey skates to illustrate the proper technique in the “Skate Your Way To Better Footwork” article by GolfTEC’s Chad Miller! Read The Article

Forged vs. Cast Irons4. Forged vs. Cast Irons – Is One Better Than The Other?

Which are better: forged or cast irons? Learn about the differences, the common myths, & what you should focus on when evaluating new irons in this informative article! Read The Article

GolfTEC Missbusters!5. Missbusters! The Common Slice Infographic

In Missbusters, we analyze the top missed shots in the game of golf. The most common miss for amateur golfers is the common slice (aka: banana ball or the Slice-a-rooney). Check out this awesome infographic with many details on this shot! Read The Article

The Credit Card Drill6. Three Must-Have Swing Characteristics for Proper Impact Position

Tired of not making solid contact with the golf ball? GolfTEC’s Andy Hilts offers the Credit Card Drill for proper impact position and better contact! Read The Article

Golf Books7. Six Golf Books That Are Worth The Read

There are a lot of golf books out there, but none of us have time to read every single one! Here are a few that are the top of our list to add to your personal library. Read The Article

12 Must-Have Items On The Golf Course8. Twelve Must-Have Items On The Golf Course

As golfers, we carry around a lot of different items in our golf bags. However, often times we can’t seem to find what we are looking for! Here are 12 must-have items to have in your bag for every round of golf! Read The Article

Life Hacks for Golf9. Golf Hacks – “Life Hacks” For The Game You Love

Golf is a difficult game. Lets make it a little easier with a few “life hacks” for golf! Take a look at the first few and give them a try! Read The Article

Staggered Stance Drill For Drawing Ball Flight10. Staggered Stance Drill To Produce A Drawing Ball Flight

As we analyzed in the Missbusters Common Slice infographic, a large percentage of golfers still play with a slicing ball flight. One application of the Staggered Stance Drill is to create a drawing ball flight. Check out the video and give this drill a try! Read The Article

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