New Additions Enhance Product Line

As 2015 gets underway, PING is wasting no time advancing their club technology as they introduced 4 new additions to their 2015 product line: the G30 LS Tec, Glide Wedges, Cadence TR Putters and the Rhapsody series for women.

G30 LS Tec (Low-Spin Technology) Driver

PING G30 LS Tec DriverWhile sharing the proven technology of the G30, including Turbulator Technology and a new face material, the G30 LS (Low Spin) Tec driver is a good fit for faster-swing-speed players who desire a lower-spinning head to give them distance with control. Crown Turbulators reduce aerodynamic drag to help increase clubhead speed and ball velocity for gaining distance, and lofts are adjustable +/- 1º to fine-tune trajectory. The T9S face is thin to maximize deflection for increasing ball speeds and distance. The low-spin technology has shown a spin reduction of up to 400 RPM compared to the standard G30.

The driver will be available in 9º and 10.5º options, both with five loft settings (standard, +0.6º, +1º, -0.6º and -1º).

Glide Wedges

You may remember a few years ago when certain manufacturers were forced to change their “U-groove” technology as a result of the USGA’s rule change for all clubs to that of “V-grooves,” essentially meaning the grooves are less sharp making it more difficult to put a lot of spin on the ball. This has caused club manufacturers, including PING, to reengineer the grooves on their clubs.

PING Glide Wedges 2015
Now in 2015, PING took an innovative approach to the Glide wedges, custom-engineering them from the hands down to ensure the grip, shaft and head perform as a system for great consistency and shot-making versatility. The proprietary Dylawedge grip is longer with softer tapering, allowing the player to grip down for better control. The CFS wedge shaft helps provide increased trajectory control. Heads are available in three grind configurations and 13 loft/sole options, with loft-optimized Gorge grooves to achieve the ideal trajectory and spin on approach shots of any length.

Cadence TR Putters

PING Cadence TR PuttersAfter continued research on putting tempo and the overall putting stroke, PING has found that stroke tempo is one of the largest keys to consistency. Simply put, more consistent putting contact leads to more holed putts. This focus on putting tempo has led to an increased interest in counter-balanced putters, and the Cadence putter line follows suit. Offered in traditional and heavy options, golfers are able to be fit for their stroke tempo to improve their consistency and accuracy from any distance. In the Cadence line, traditional models have a blue grip and blue aluminum face insert. Heavy models have a black grip and black steel insert. The two models have a roughly 25g difference between them.

To further the custom fitting process, the Cadence TR putters are available in a variety of head shapes to best fit any stroke type and every one of the putters benefits from the next generation of true-roll technology. True-roll technology focuses on the varied width and depth of the face grooves for exceptional distance control.

Rhapsody Series for Women

PING Rhapsody DriverThe Rhapsody series for women features an enhanced line of metal woods with a higher moment-of-inertia (MOI) to launch the ball easily from the tee or the turf with greater distance and accuracy. The 12º pearl-colored driver features Turbulator Technology to reduce club-head drag and increase clubhead speed and ball velocity. With added heel weighting, the Rhapsody Women’s Driver is longer, more forgiving and higher launching. The Rhapsody fairway woods feature a center of gravity (CG) that is positioned low and back in the clubhead, favoring the heel of the club to help turn the toe over and square the face at impact for longer, straighter shots.

Additionally, the Rhapsody women’s hybrid/iron set is a combination or easy-to-hit hybrids and high-launching, highly forgiving irons to optimize distance control and gapping throughout the set. To close out the series, PING released the Rhapsody women’s putters that feature the new generation of TR (true-roll) grooves like the Cadence putters. The grooves are deeper in the center and shallower toward the perimeter for predictable ball speeds and improved accuracy no matter where you hit the ball on the face of the putter.

With all of the latest additions to the 2015 product line, PING is focused on optimizing distance, consistency and forgiveness from tee to green. If you are in the market for any of the clubs described above, talk to your GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach to find the right fit for you!


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