First Look: PING i & GMax irons

PING is back with two brand new irons — the PING i and GMax irons — and they are both fantastic.

PING i Series Irons

The all-new i series iron is described as “a player’s iron anyone can play,” utilizing a type of steel never before used in a PING iron, 431 stainless steel, providing a softer feel with more perimeter weighting to increase forgiveness and accuracy. The PING i irons also feature a progressive set design with head sizes and offsets engineered to provide forgiveness and trajectory control across the entire set, available from 3-9, PW, or UW. The weight savings from the 431 stainless steel allow for expanded perimeter weighting for a higher moment-of-inertia (MOI) in the entire set, and tungsten toe weight in the 3-7 irons adds more forgiveness than ever before. Check out the beauty and details of the brand new PING i irons in the video below:

Get a closer look at the PING i Series Irons in the photo gallery:

PING GMax Irons

The PING GMax irons introduce COR-Eye technology to help you both hit and hold more greens, making these irons Longer At Their COR. Following the PING way, there is no sacrifice in these clubs, providing distance with control and forgiveness with feel. It’s the longest iron PING has ever created, as the COR-Eye technology increases ball speed across the entire clubface. The GMax irons feature a brand new cavity structure with a concealed custom tuning port, allowing the club to have a low/back CG and higher MOI for greater forgiveness, higher launch, and more accuracy. Designed for higher-handicapped golfers, these irons feature progressive lengths and lofts like the PING i series, as well as wider sole to help provide a diving-board like effect springing the ball off the face for more distance. When all is added up, the GMax irons achieve clubhead speeds up to 3 MPH faster than previous PING models. See all the details of the new PING GMax Iron in the video below:

Get a closer look at the PING GMax Irons in the photo gallery:

These irons will be available beginning July 30th. To learn more about the latest PING irons and get pre-fit, talk to your local GolfTEC Coach today.


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