Use Your Hips for Better Contact

Do you struggle with inconsistent ball striking or consistently poor contact with the ball? Perhaps you often hit heavy or fat shots, only to hit the ball thin later in the round. At GolfTEC, we’ve studied thousands of golfers to understand what leads to many of these inconsistencies for amateur players. A key contributor is how much a golfer moves their hips towards the target during the downswing. Leading to much of the inconsistency in contact, amateur players tend not to move their hips towards the target enough as they are striking the ball. Better players use their hips to help them strike down on the ball and swing to the right, creating a nice drawing ball flight that so many of us desire.

As featured on the Golf Channel, Andrew Marr, Director of Instruction at GolfTEC San Diego, offers a great drill to help you utilize your hips throughout your entire golf swing to produce more consistent and better ball striking in the video below:

If you continue to struggle with inconsistent contact, talk to your local GolfTEC Coach.


  1. Excellent instructions….provide an excellent swing though to generate your complete swing. One area of your approach to instruction which ai believe needs to be revisited is comparing your student swing to professional golfers…professionals are always aware of their clubface. They could swing back and circle the club at top like a lasso and come down and hit a solid shot. Most amateur golfers only want to play a respectable game. A better avenue for instructions would comparing your student swing with one of another student of like age and built who is now swinging at a higher level due to your coaching….what encouragement for your student to emulate. Also, I read you segment your instructions in your packages i.e. Backswing, downswing, etc. I believe a more wholelistic approach to generate a complete swing would be better. Drills in golf do not provide improvement…one of the reason why so many golfer do not improve and eventually leave golf. Instructors need to tap a student’s creative mind through pictures which create whole swing. Of course, basics such as grip, posture, stance and alignment need to be covered specifically; however, these are givens before the swing starts…..should be easily conveyed and learned in short time through both coaching and written pictured media provided at or before the student’s first lesson. During the initial lesson these areas would be checked and corrected, if required.


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