Improve Your Putting: The Gate Drill

Putting well is key to shooting lower scores on the golf course, and putting well comes from consistent speed control on the greens. This speed consistency results largely from striking the ball in the center of the putter face. All too often during putting lessons we see our students struggle with leaving putts short or hitting them long (and often a combination of both) as a result of hitting the ball off the heel or toe of the putter.

During Tour events, you may have seen various professionals putting with tees on either side of the putter head. We call this drill the Gate Drill. The Gate Drill is designed to help you identify how well you hit the center of your putter face and generate better speed control on the greens. Take a look at the video below illustrating how to setup and execute this drill to improve the consistency of your speed on the greens.

If you continue to struggle with putting and need some additional help, talk to your local GolfTEC Coach to schedule a lesson.



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