By Patrick Nuber

A common issue with many students is an excess of lateral motion — specifically, too much movement of the head and body away from the target — during the backswing. This leads to inconsistencies in the low point of the swing and other undesirable traits making it more difficult to create repeatable solid contact.

So, to complement a previous drill we looked at that helps combat this ill-fated movement by incorporating more rotation in the backswing, here’s another drill to practice at home for an ideal “doorway” to great golf in 2016:

As always, talk to your local GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach today who can help with drills like this so you attack your game in 2016!

Patrick Nuber is GolfTEC’s Manager of Teaching Quality and National Director of Instruction based out of GolfTEC’s headquarters in Centennial, Colorado. He has taught over 14,000 golf lessons and trained over 600 GolfTEC coaches. He is a PGA Certified Professional in Instruction and General Management. In 2011 he was awarded the Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year award by his fellow PGA Professionals.


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