Can PING one-up its G30 with the new G club line?

By Nick Miller

Since the summer of 2014, the PING G30 driver has been one of the hottest selling clubs on the market. With its revolutionary Turbulator technology and lower, deeper CG than previous PING models, the G30 had an immediate impact for many golfers.

As golf equipment junkies, we’re excited to see the latest changes to an already special product line in the PING G family. From the driver to irons, the PING G has seen a complete overhaul, and the changes are worth a double-take. Lets take a look at the details, but first see what Bubba Watson, Lee Westwood and other Tour players think about the new PING G club line in the video below:

2016 PING G Driver & Fairway Woods

The new PING G driver features a faster design through its speed-generating aerodynamics, resulting in reduced drag by 37 percent and increased carry distance of 3 to 4 yards when compared with the previous G30 model. Longer and more forgiving is key, and the new face on the PING G delivers faster ball speeds, more forgiveness and more consistency.

In addition to the well-known Turbulators, the new PING G driver features Vortec and Dragonfly technology to achieve the goals of faster clubhead and ball speed. Its Vortec technology, located at the back of the clubhead, is designed to stabilize the clubhead and minimize weight turbulence for faster speeds. The Dragonfly technology is modeled after — you guessed it — dragonflies.

According to an article from Boston University, dragonfly wings are a work of art that blend flexibility and strength flawlessly together. A predominant trait of these wings is that they’re incredibly thin, but still very strong, which was exactly what was engineered into the PING G. Specifically, this technology has enabled the club to have ultra-thin crown sections, which saves 8 grams of weight and optimizes both the CG and MOI. The bottom line: It’s safe to say there isn’t anything quite like the PING G driver out there, and we’ve already seen Bubba Watson’s new pink Ping G driver making a few appearances, so its certainly technology to consider for your game in 2016.

2016 PING G Fairway WoodsAccompanying the driver are the new PING G fairway woods, and like their counterpart, they feature a much thinner crown for less weight to lower the club’s CG and raise MOI. We’re talking about a 25-percent-thinner crown and 7 grams of weight saved!

Couple this with a lower leading edge and you have clubs that have effectively moved the impact area higher on the face to promote more solid contact, faster speeds and additional forgiveness. The bottom line: Like the PING G driver, these new PING G metalwoods should NOT be ignored.

2016 PING G Irons

The PING G irons stick with the Fast and Forgiving theme and feature a unique combination of technology advancements. The irons are heat treated to increase the material strength by 40 percent, which results in a 40-percent-thinner clubface and additional 5 yards of carry distance!

You may also recognize the round structure prominently featured on the back of the new G iron. That’s because this feature, known as COR-Eye™ technology, was first seen with the release of the PING GMax irons last July. The revolutionary design increases ball speed 1.25 MPH for added distance with control.

The PING G irons are perimeter weighted with the club’s weight concentrated on the toe and hosel, increasing its MOI for better accuracy and consistency across the entire clubface. There is also an emphasis on deeper CG position, ensuring higher-launching shots and better stopping power. The bottom line: The new PING G irons are a great option for game-improvement clubs to add distance and control.

The 2016 PING G club line will be available for purchase on Feb. 11, so be sure to ask your local GolfTEC Coach for more information and see if they’re the right fit for your game!


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