February Coach of the Month Rob Oxley is back to help you gain more distance with your driver.

By Rob Oxley

Hit your driver farther
Rob Oxley finishing the Long Arms Drill

I think I already know the answer, but have you ever wondered how the pros hit their driver so far?

While the best players in the world do a lot of fantastic things in their golf swings, if we were to narrow it down to a few simple, but important, factors most have in common, I see two consistencies with body turn and arm position that great players have, and less-skilled golfers struggle with.

So, let’s discuss how you can work these elements into your game for more distance with the driver!

1. Make a full turn.

I’ve come to the conclusion most golfers don’t turn their body enough in both the backswing and forward swing.

To explain simply, turning at least 90 degrees with the shoulders and 45 degrees with the hips in the backswing will create the greatest potential for clubhead speed. In the forward swing, a full rotation of the body through to the finish position will likewise deliver this power efficiently, allowing you to finish in a balanced position.

I often use the below drill that focuses specifically on more turn of the hips, but subsequently helps the shoulders turn more as well.

2. Maintain long arms throughout the swing.

Most great players maintain “long” arms throughout the swing – meaning the lead arm (left arm for right-handers) in the backswing and trail arm (right arm for right-handers) in the forward swing does not bend. This creates a wide arc and maximum potential for clubhead speed, which of course results in added distance.

I conversely see a lot of my students with bent arms causing a small arc, so I often work with an effective drill to help, the aptly named The Long Arms Drill.  Take a look below:

What you’ll notice is that by consciously keeping your lead arm straight in the backswing and trail arm straight in the forward swing, you will increase the width of your swing significantly. Along with making full turns both back and through, the combination of these two elements together should dramatically help you get the extra distance you’ve always wanted!


  1. Good drill. I think the straight arms drill is effective. Definitely helps me with my club head speed and chicken wings issues. Also like the chipping/short shot drill to help keep the arms straight.


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