Callaway Golf releases an old school throwback in the Odyssey X-Act Tank Chipper. Dave Pauley and Jon Levy investigate in this golf equipment review. 

By Jon Levy

Providing a current-day homage to a popular greenside golf club of Callaway Golf X-Act Tank Chipper golferyears past, Callaway Golf has announced the release of its new Odyssey X-Act Tank Chipper.

With a heavy, 355-gram head, upright lie angle of 70 degrees, loft of 37 degrees, hybrid-like sole and oversized Superstroke non-tapered grip — all elements similar to a putter, but with extra loft — the golf equipment innovator says this club is ‘built to get you up and down.’

The X-Act Chipper is geared toward the same mid-to-high-handicap audience that may have used this type of design 30 or so years ago, but this short-game weapon isn’t your moms old chipper, as they’ve packed a ton of new technology in an oddly appealing design.

As explained by Callaway Golf:

The X-Act Tank Chipper is a new short-game option that utilizes our Tank weighting philosophy to help ensure a smoother swing, promoting more consistent contact. It’s designed to function like an Approach Putter, providing an easy-to-hit option that plays perfectly between a putter and a wedge for those tricky shots around the greens. The Hi Def Marxman Alignment System significantly increases accuracy while the soft polymer insert and hybrid-like sole design help get the ball out of trouble and rolling right to the hole. Chipping just got a whole lot easier.

Does chipping really get a ‘whole lot easier’ with the new Odyssey X-Act Chipper? GolfTEC’s Director of Club Fitting and Merchandise, Dave Pauley, and I find out in the 45-second video review below …

The Callaway X-Act Chipper — Features & Benefits

Heavy Tank Design: The heavier 355-gram head weight helps ensure a smoother swing to promote more consistent contact. The heavier grip gives a counterbalance feel that helps quiet the hands through impact.

X-Act Sole: Hybrid-like sole design improves turf interaction around the green, especially on tight lies, to help eliminate stubbed or bladed chip shots.

Polymer Insert: The single layer polymer insert provides soft feel for both long and short shots around the green.

Hi Def Marxman Alignment System: Two alignment stripes running the length of the club that make lining up shots easier for better accuracy.

Superstroke Chipper Grip: The oversized, non-taper grip design helps stabilize the wrists and hands through impact. The longer design also allows you to put your hands in different positions to get the correct feel on a variety of shots.

Available for retail purchase — 7.15.16
Jon Levy
A former Instruction & Equipment Editor at and guest author for, Golfweek and others, Jon Levy is an accomplished golf writer. His extensive golf experience also stems from a competitive background in college (Iowa State Univ.) and on the mini tours, and nine years as a college golf coach at the University of Colorado, Scottsdale Community College and Paradise Valley Community College. In 2007, Jon was named the NJCAA National Coach of the Year after leading Scottsdale to the NJCAA National Championship title.


  1. Please reply with the price you will be charging for the new “chipper”, which will be available for purchase on 7-15-2016. Thank you

    • Hi Taylor, the X-ACT Tank Chipper from Odyssey will sell for $129.99. Your local GolfTEC Coach can provide more information on pricing in your area and help you order the club. Thanks!

  2. Took advantage of the black Friday sale (30%) off and bought the “tank” looking forward to getting out to try it. I always have trouble with the short approach shots around the green.


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