Tiger Woods made the low ‘stinger’ shot famous. Nick Clearwater has two tips to hit it

By Jon Levy

If you ever watched Tiger Woods in his prime, you saw the laser-like punch shots he hit with proficiency and regularity. His low, “stinger” shots from the tee with long irons and the 3-wood were nothing short of mesmerizing.

But these rarely-offline, piercingly-low bullets were also an incredibly useful ingredient to his success; a reliable go-to when he NEEDED to hit the fairway. So I recently hit the range with GolfTEC Senior Director of Teaching Quality, Nick Clearwater, to discuss exactly what the low stinger shot is, why it can be a score-saver for your game and how to pull it off.

Check out our visit together on the range in the latest Lesson Series video below, and start working on the low stinger shot in your own game to all but guarantee a fairway hit when you need it most! 

VIDEO: Golf Lesson Series — How to hit the low stinger shot


Lesson Series: SwingTRU Study in action

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  1. The article is titled ‘the finish position’ but when opening the page the video is about the low stinger which was published last week?


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