Our top highlights from an action-packed week onsite at the PGA Merchandise Show

By Jon Levy

ORLANDO, Fla. — Subject to last year’s memories of sensory overload, sheer exhaustion and way too much caffeine, I came back to Orlando this week to report onsite from the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show.

You already know the deal – 40,000 people, golf vendors of every make and model, and 10 miles of merchandise aisles in one of the world’s largest convention centers. Yes, attending the PGA Show is like living five straight days of your most wild night on the town ever.

Strip away the blinding product bling, private parties and rowdy PGA Pros dominating City Beautiful, though, and there’s a serious, $70 billion industry at the helm of this weeklong monster showcasing the industry’s best and brightest.

From that standpoint, this annual gathering at the epicenter of the golf universe is an incredibly important week for the game, its 28,000 PGA Professionals and everyone and everything else it touches.

Still, the atmosphere at the PGA Show – above all – is a fun one. So why not join the party! At least that’s why I tried to do with guys like Bubba Watson and Roger Cleveland who, among others, are just a sample of the golf star power that frequents the PGA Show.

With that in mind, check out the highlights from the 2017 PGA Show below and now please excuse me while I sleep for the next 20 hours. 

VIDEO: Highlights from the 2017 PGA Show

IMAGES: Onsite at the PGA Merchandise Show

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