VIDEO: We visit with Marty Jertson of Ping to discuss four new models in the 2018 Ping Golf equipment line

By Jon Levy

Building on the success of last year’s flagship Ping Golf offering – the Ping G400 driver – the engineering-first manufacturer continues their solid momentum in 2018 with four new additions to their equipment line: the Ping G400 Max driver, Ping G700 irons, Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges and Ping Vault 2.0 putters.

I stopped by the Ping range at PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day in January to discuss these new clubs with lead Ping engineer, Marty Jertson. Take a look at video review below and visit your local GOLFTEC to demo and purchase new 2018 Ping golf equipment!


VIDEO: 2018 Ping Golf Equipment Review

Featured 2018 Ping Golf Equipment

Ping G400 Max driver

  • Larger profile: The 460cc head in the G400 Max embodies a deeper profile than the G400 standard driver, and Dragon Fly technology thins the crown and position lowers CG position to maximize MOI. The textured crown and infinity edge form a enhanced address view.

  • Satisfying sound: Research and computer simulation coupled with music theory inspired PING engineers to patent a rib architecture that fine-tuned the frequencies to produce a deeper, more muted sound while also enhancing feel.

  • MOI to the Max: Keeping the forged face thin creates more discretionary weight. This allows for considerable tungsten weighting and a higher-density back weight to achieve a combined MOI over 9,900 and the deepest CG ever, producing the tightest dispersion in golf.

  • Forged to flex: The thin T9S+ forged face flexes more to ramp up ball speed for generating consistently long, straight drives. The face is also textured to increase friction for reducing spin, and a new face pattern forms a captured look with the ball.

  • Fast shape: The G400 Max sports a sleek, highly aerodynamic speed-inducing shape. The domed crown combines with bolder turbulators to reduce drag and generate significant clubhead speed and ball velocity for ensuring distance with stability.

    Visit your local GOLFTEC to demo and purchase the full line of 2018 Ping golf equipment! 

Ping G700 irons

  • Powerful design: The hollow-body construction of the 17-4 stainless steel head allows for an internal geometry design that positions weight away from the face, creating a frame for metal-wood-like flexing and high COR to greatly increase ball speed for launching the ball higher and farther.

  • Maraging Steel Face: One of the strongest alloys in the world, C300 maraging steel increases ball speed and distance by generating twice the face flexing. Low and extreme heel-toe perimeter weighting ensures high inertia and tightens dispersion.

  • Clean Appearance: With a sole width and offset similar to the G400 iron, plus a clean cavity, hydropearl plating and polished accent, the address view is confidence inspiring.

  • Forgiving Sole: Sole width, bounce and offset allow for better turf interaction to improve ball striking, which contributes to forgiveness and distance control without sacrificing playability and height.

    Visit your local GOLFTEC to demo and purchase the full line of 2018 Ping golf equipment! 

Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges

  • Milled faces and grooves: These specialized grooves increase the spin rate for more control and precision on full and partial shots and offer exceptional spin consistency from both dry and wet conditions.

  • Fitting by sole grind: To ensure your wedges match your game, you can be fit for a sole grind based on your attack angle, divot depth, and typical turf conditions.

  • Bottom half groove: A precision wheel-cut half groove near the lead edge on the 56⁰, 58⁰ and 60⁰ improves engagement with the ball (specifically low on the face) to significantly increase spin and control from all conditions.

  • SS grind: An all-purpose mid-bounce sole with heel and trail edge relief to create versatility on touch shots around the green, the SS grind is ideal for moderate attack angles and divots. A great fit for most golfers.

  • WS grind: The WS grind offers a full-sole design that provides turf security for players with a steep angle of attack. The reduced camber and added width prevent digging.

  • TS grind: The TS grind facilitates shot making and precision. Heel relief allows shots to be executed with an open face without fear of the lead edge sitting too high.

  • ES grind: Ping Eye 2-inspired sole provides the ultimate in bunker performance from the classic dish profile along with the tapered hosel. A refined lead edge upgrades all-around performance.

    Visit your local GOLFTEC to demo and purchase the full line of 2018 Ping golf equipment! 

Ping Vault 2.0 putters

  • A tribute to the Gold Putter Vault: Named after Ping’s famous Gold Putter Vault, Vault 2.0 putters are the flagship line of all Ping putters.

  • Custom Weighting: A new custom-weighting system offers sole-weight options in steel (standard-weight head), tungsten (15 grams heavier than standard) and aluminum (15 grams lighter than standard) to match feel and balance preference.

  • New face technology: The individually-milled True-Roll face pattern varies in depth and pitch across the face, which speeds up off-center impacts to more closely match center strikes.

  • Precision milling: Heads engineered to exacting standards and fully machined to the tightest tolerances. This ensures premium quality and precision in look, feel and sound.

  • Quality crafted: Precision milling of the mallets takes place in the Ping headquarters machine shop, where craftsmen oversee every detail, including milling of the TR face technology.

  • A tribute to the Gold Putter Vault: Named after Ping’s famous Gold Putter Vault, Vault 2.0 putters are the flagship line of all Ping putters.


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