We talk about the top five reasons you need to get over the hump and start taking GOLFTEC lessons

By Patrick Hester

Let’s say it together – golf is hard. To play better is a relative thing – relative to each golfer and what you’re trying to achieve. Maybe you want to fix your slice. Maybe you just want more distance off the tee. Maybe you can’t get solid contact off your irons. Maybe it’s some combination of all of the above. That’s where lessons at GOLFTEC come in.

If you’re out on your local course every weekend hacking away watching your scorecards stay about the same while your frustration keeps growing, you need some help. Help can come in a lot of different forms from your buddies to YouTube videos to the course pro. There are gadgets and books, apps galore and more opinions than grains of sand in the bunker you just landed in.

They’re all placebos and won’t actually help the underlying problems. Which is why I’m writing about the 5 reasons to take a lesson at GOLFTEC. Ready?

5 Reasons To Take A Lesson At GOLFTEC

5. The Swing Evaluation

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the Swing Evaluation is where the majority of people start with GOLFTEC. It’s a 60-minute deep dive into your swing using launch monitors, motion measurement and a golf coach.

By the time you’re done, you won’t be guessing anymore about what’s holding you back. Your coach will provide you with a breakdown of issues and a plan to fix them.

4. Instant Video Feedback

Beyond having a coach right there breaking down your swing is one of the most powerful tools in every single GOLFTEC across the world – video feedback. Nearly every GOLFTEC student touts the instant video feedback as one of their favorite features.

Seeing your swing is an eye-opening experience, and often times, a shocking one. As soon as your coach illustrates exactly what’s going on with your swing on the video monitors in front of you, the pieces start to fall into place.

3. All the Technology

When you step into a GOLFTEC Training Bay, you know you’ve leveled up beyond anything offered by the local pro. If it’s not the instant video feedback, it’s the motion measurement, or the launch monitor, or the button box, or TECSwing – the software behind everything our coaches do.

Here, you can take lessons with your coach, practice on your own or even have a custom clubfitting – all in the same space and driven by the best technology.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

The most successful GOLFTEC students not only take advantage of the best coaching in the world, they go beyond each lesson with a 30-minute practice session. Here, you’re in the training bay working on the things you and your coach have defined as your next steps.

You have full control of the instant video feedback, can record your swings, play them back, see key takeaways and all in the quiet and comfort of the bay. This is where the pavement meets the road for many students.

1. A Personal Coach

The number 1 reason to take lessons at GOLFTEC is having a dedicated personal coach, someone who is on your side and guiding you every step of the way. This is invaluable. When you drill down into the core of why golfers choose to become a GOLFTEC student, it’s all about the coaches. These are driven individuals, most of whom are PGA professionals. They live, breathe and sleep golf – and helping you play better is why they do it. That’s what drives them each and every day.

Your successes are their successes, and there is absolutely nothing they like better than getting a text, Facebook or Twitter message from an ecstatic student who just beat a personal goal on the course, be it breaking 90 for the first time, beating a buddy they’d never bested before, winning a tournament or playing a record round.

Golf really is hard, but at GOLFTEC, the coaches make it a little easier. Isn’t it about time you found out for yourself?

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