We take club fitting a step farther by using our measurements and applying that data to our own fitting experience

By Sabrina Naccarato

We like to do things a little differently than most at GOLFTEC. We’re really into numbers, that’s why we’ve measured hundreds of thousands of swings and use that data to help every golfer who walks through our doors play better golf. Well, there’s something else we do a little differently but the reason is the same, helping people play their best golf, and that’s taking measuring to another level with equipment.

Within the last few years, we’ve seen the equipment industry explode with new technological advances after another. Nearly every new piece of equipment released is designed for a specific type of golfer. A lot of equipment is built with the option of adjustability by moving weights and altering different settings, but once the standard settings are moved around, things can get a little tricky.

Measuring Center of Gravity & MOI

When weights are moved out of their original setting, this can cause the center of gravity to move which can ultimately impact the moment of inertia (MOI). It’s important to pay attention to these two measurements in particular because they can impact ball flight, for better or worse. Now, I’m not saying adjusting the standard settings is bad, there’s a reason they’re made to be adjusted– every golfer is different and they can really benefit from slight tweaks to the club. However, there’s just not enough known data to represent what really happens as weights and other settings start to move.

That’s exactly why we go the extra mile to take our own measurements. Of course, club manufacturers provide this information for standard settings but we want to make sure we know where the center of gravity is located when that standard setting is altered. So how do we do this?

As shown in the video above, we take a club head and put it on a couple of different machines that are meant to find these particular measurements. This process might seem tedious but we think it’s valuable to ensure our students are being fit into the very best equipment possible.

When we do anything at GOLFTEC, we do it to the fullest. We could very much rely on the measurements provided by the club manufactures and that would be sufficient. We want to not only tell our students but show them. We think adjustable clubs are so necessary to get every single golfer dialed into their perfect club. The more informed our instructors, fitters and ultimately, our students are about what’s going on inside of their golf clubs, the better.

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  1. I recently went through a major back operation and should be ready to play “full swing golf” by August. As I understand it, I can begin to chip and putt in mid June.
    However, my height has changed (probably an inch to 1 1/2″ taller.) So the clubs I currently play with (a fitted set) will no longer be right for me. Clearly I’ll probably need new clubs, or the fitted set with new and probably longer shafts. Do you have a pro in the southern Colorado area that has experience fitting a player with my built-in needs and restrictions?
    Who knows, maybe I need an entirely new swing, but that pro needs to have some experience with that problem. Previously I took lessons from one of your pros in Colorado Springs, however he has moved on.


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