Watch these great drills and tips that were featured on the Golf Channel focusing on hip and shoulder turns throughout the golf swing

By CJ Perry

Hip and shoulder turn throughout the golf swing has been a debated topic among golf instructors and coaches for a long time. At GOLFTEC, we’ve been able to gather data from thousands of golfers to help us become more knowledgeable about what better players are doing in their turns versus higher handicap golfers. As a former GOLFTEC Coach, I’ve seen how important the hip and shoulder turns are for the swing path, swing speed, and ball striking. As we all know, these elements are pretty crucial to be able to develop a better player.

Below are several tips and drills we’ve featured on the Golf Channel that’ll help you understand how the hips and shoulders should be turning throughout the golf swing.

Change your knee bend to create more turn

Proper hip and shoulder turn in the backswing

Shoulder turn drill to help cure heavy and thin shots

Less hip turn at impact drill to help stop the slice

If you want to check out some more great tips like these, click here to watch all of our Golf Channel segments.

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