Let’s go to the beach! Watch these tips & drills that we featured on the Golf Channel on how to manage & get out of bunkers

By CJ Perry

The dreaded bunkers, also known as sand traps, can be very challenging. But if you know how to play these shots using the proper clubs and techniques, it can make them much easier to attack and get the ball out on the first attempt. As a former GOLFTEC Coach, I would frequently help my Students with both fairway and greenside bunker shots. Each is very different and utilizes different clubs and skills. Understanding how to play these shots can make bunkers much easier and less intimidating.

Below are several drills and tips we’ve featured on the Golf Channel that’ll help you understand the proper strategy to get out of the bunkers so you don’t have to waste several shots on the beach.

Proper greenside bunker decision making to save strokes

How to play the challenging long bunker shot

Get out of a greenside bunker in one shot with this drill

How wedge bounce can make bunker shots easier

If you want to check out some more great tips like these, click here to watch all of our Golf Channel segments.

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