Top 25 Videos: 10-6

Top 25 Videos: 10-6- header

As we celebrate our 25th Year Anniversary we are looking at our top 25 videos off all-time

#10 – Want to Cure a Slice, Check your Grip

#9 – Gain More Distance & Control using this Belly Up Drill

#8 – Hit Further and More Consistently using this Shoulder Tilt Drill

#7 – Improve Your Ball Striking using this Hip Sway Drill

#6 – Work on your swing indoors – using a fork?

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Top 25 Videos: 10-6- header


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Sabrina Naccarato
A former DII collegiate golfer at MSU Denver, Sabrina has written hundreds of articles for the GOLFTEC Scramble as both herself and part of the GOLFTEC Digital moniker, produces lesson and ad videos for Instagram and Facebook and manages all of GOLFTEC's social media accounts.


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