We’re looking at how swing path can contribute to hitting a slice

By Sabrina Naccarato

There’s probably been a time or two when you can’t seem to find the middle of the fairway and your buddy offers up some harmless advice. “Well, I think you’re swinging too quick,” or “your swing isn’t on plane.” While we know your buddy’s intentions are good, hearing unsound advice like that while on the golf course doesn’t necessarily help the situation.

However, if you are slicing the ball off of the planet, GOLFTEC Eden Prairie Coach, Justin Kraft might have a simple fix for you. In the video above, Justin notes that when most golfers slice, the root cause is found in their path.

Golfers open their shoulder too quickly in the downswing which leads to an ‘over-the-top’ swing, cutting across the body, setting up for the perfect slice.

So, Justin suggests the simple fix to that problem is delaying the golfer’s shoulder from opening in the downswing. This can be accomplished by trying to steady the shoulders through the downswing as the hands and club reach parallel to the ground. In the image to the right, the student is showing an exaggeration of this motion to get the feeling of swinging inside to out or to the right of the target. If the golfer practices this enough, then ultimately the swing path will begin to straighten out and might even produce a draw.

Obviously, changing up your swing can be difficult but if you slowly add these tips from Justin, the next time you’re on the golf course, finding your ball in the short stuff won’t be a problem.

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Sabrina Naccarato
A former DII collegiate golfer at MSU Denver, Sabrina has written hundreds of articles for the GOLFTEC Scramble as both herself and part of the GOLFTEC Digital moniker, produces lesson and ad videos for Instagram and Facebook and manages all of GOLFTEC's social media accounts.


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