The new Mizuno ST-Z fairway woods feature a balanced package of low spin performance and stability

By Sabrina Naccarato

There are a lot of ‘secret weapons’ in golf. You might hit the ball far, be a precise putter, or maybe you’ve got a punch shot everyone is envious of, either way, all of these skills can have major payouts on the course. However, I think one overlooked ‘secret weapon’ is having a killer fairway wood game. And we’re only as good as our equipment right? Well, the new Mizuno ST fairway is here to help you improve your fairway wood game.

The new ST-Z fairway woods featuring Mizuno’s 3rd generation MAS1C face is its most powerful and tech-packed to date. These fairway woods are a balanced package of low spin performance and stability which is not very common in most fairway woods. The ST-Z fairway woods feature an adjustable hosel in both 3 and 5 wood.

If you want to make this upcoming golf season one of your best, adding a new fairway wood might be a great idea and it could become your ‘secret weapon’ on the golf course. However, to truly get the best out of a new fairway wood like the ST-Z, find your nearest GOLFTEC and schedule a fitting today.

GALLERY: Mizuno ST-Z fairway woods

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Features & Benefits: Mizuno ST-Z fairway woods

“The fairway wood might be the least regularly changed club in any bag – so we spent a lot of time looking at older models that our tour players had hung onto over the years. It ended with a lot of really subtle touches on the ST-Z – leading edge, transition into the hosel. There’s a lot to like at address.”

Mizuno ST-Z fairway woods

MAS1C Maraging face: With optimized CORTECH multi-face thickness. Our thinnest and hottest FW face to date.

Ultra-lightweight Carbon Crown:  Lowers the COG for better spin vs MOI performance

Re-engineered WAVE Technology:  Compact Wave design lowers the mass contribution allowing for higher MOI and lower Center of Gravity.  

Quick Switch 3 & 5 WOOD:  Provides 4 degrees of loft and face angle adjustability

Demo and purchase the Mizuno ST fairway woods at GOLFTEC!


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