GOLFTEC announces $50,000 donation to charities through Clubs for a Cause Campaign

By Sabrina Naccarato

Over the past year, GOLFTEC announced their new charity initiative- GOLFTEC Cares with the launch of the Clubs for a Cause donation program. When clubs are donated through this program, 100% of the money raised goes to organizations like Black Girls Golf, Solich Caddie & Leadership Academy, and other efforts to make the game more diverse and accessible.

During the spring activation of this program, GOLFTEC donated more than $50,000 to these charitable organizations.

Creating a culture that demands diversity and inclusion is essential to golf’s health and growth. Through our Clubs for a Cause program, we are dedicated to making golf accessible for everyone.

Joe Assell, GOLFTEC CEO.

One of the recipients was Black Girls Golf. This organization creates a more diverse golf industry by focusing on introducing more African American women and girls to golf and helping them leverage golf to build professional relationships.

With the help of GOLFTEC, I’ve been able to offer hands-on golf instruction, networking events, and ongoing access to golf education, golf facilities, and golf coaches, including those in the GOLFTEC family.


Another organization that benefited from Clubs for a Cause was the Solich Caddie & Leadership Academy. This Colorado-based organization provides grants to underprivileged children providing them an opportunity to learn the caddie trade, financial literacy, and leadership training, and develop skills they can use both on and off the course.

We want to thank GOLFTEC for their support of our academy. So far we’ve had over 300 kids come through this program, and over 30 have received the Evans Scholarship to the University of Colorado.

Ed Mate, Colorado Golf Association Executive Director and CEO.

GOLFTEC worked with some incredible partners in the golf industry during this campaign, including Mizuno and 2nd Swing, who are united in making golf inclusive and inviting for all.

With over $2 million in charitable giving in 2020, GOLFTEC is aiming for an even greater impact through 2021 and beyond.

Starting November 1st, GOLFTEC will launch its DRIVE FOR HOPE campaign. The campaign will benefit PGA HOPE, a free, adaptive program that introduces Veterans with disabilities to golf to enhance their physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.

Sabrina Naccarato
A former DII collegiate golfer at MSU Denver, Sabrina has written hundreds of articles for the GOLFTEC Scramble as both herself and part of the GOLFTEC Digital moniker, produces lesson and ad videos for Instagram and Facebook and manages all of GOLFTEC's social media accounts.


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