GolfTEC’s Top Teachers share their experience from 2013

This past November, Golf Digest released their 50 Best Teachers by State ranking for 2013-2014. A panel of 1,200 leading golf instructors nationwide has voted to choose the state-by-state ranking that recognizes 492 instructors. Joining the 50 best this year are 9 GolfTEC coaches.

  • Patrick Nuber, GolfTEC Headquarters
  • Andy Hilts, GolfTEC Headquarters
  • Kevin Cubbage, GolfTEC Cherry Creek
  • Ty Walker, GolfTEC Denver Tech Center
  • James Kinney, GolfTEC Omaha
  • Nick Paez, GolfTEC Cleveland
  • Mitch Flemming, GolfTEC Cleveland
  • Brendan Locke, GolfTEC Mequon
  • Kevin Kihslinger, GolfTEC Mequon

GolfTEC is proud to share these Top Teachers’ experience to see what they thought about some of this year’s golf highlights and to get a coach’s perspective. From what they learned as a teacher this year, their favorite course to play, to what they would fix in Tiger’s swing, GolfTEC’s best looked back on 2013 and shared their knowledge:

1. The best teachers/coaches will tell you that they are always striving to learn more about their trade. In helping hundreds play better golf in 2013, what was it that you learned?

Brendon: The relationship I have with my students is key. Being on the same page allows for better progression during the lesson. I also learned that it isn’t always about making a change, sometimes it is more about improving the things they are already good at!

– Brendon Locke, GolfTEC Mequon

2. Where do you see the future of golf instruction going?

Andy: 20 years ago when I first started teaching golf the instruction industry was quite a bit different. There was limited high speed video, no launch monitors and no motion measurement. Most instruction was given outdoors on the practice range or on course…rarely indoors.

Golf instruction will obviously continue to evolve. Technology will continue to provide more facts within the instruction industry and less theories, therefore improving the caliber of players. In addition to technology improving, I believe we are going to see more golfers seeking coaching versus just a quick lesson. Players are beginning to understand that to truly improve your game forever it takes a plan developed together with a coach. An example of how technology will help improve coaching lies in accelerometers and smart phones. There are some interesting developments with devices that clip (accelerometers) to the club shaft just below the grip and their ability to track what is actually happening with swings during a practice session or on course and transmit the results directly to the players’ coach.

I am excited to see what the next 20 years has in store for us. With improved instruction we will continue to help people play better and grow this game we all love.


– Andy Hilts, GolfTEC Headquarters

3. Tell us about one of your biggest success stories from 2013.

Ty: I have two stories to tell, one is personal, and one is professional. My 15-year old son made his High School golf team as a freshman and broke 80 for the first time in an Invitational match (twice actually), and the big highlight was him finally beating his father for the first time at Pebble Beach while his uncle and grandfather proudly watched the historic round and feat. On a business side, one of my clients, De Beckman, lowered her handicap to a 14 from 23 and was the second most improved golfer at her club only to miss out by a few decimal points to another lady that I also teach.

– Ty Walker, GolfTEC Denver Tech Center

4. Who are your picks to win the 2014 Major Championships?

Patrick: Masters = Tiger Woods (easiest major for him to win!), US Open = Phil Mickelson (to complete the slam!), The Open = Adam Scott, PGA Championship = Justin Rose.

– Patrick Nuber, GolfTEC Headquarters

5. If Tiger Woods came to you for help, what would you work on with him and why?

Brendon: I probably would start with putting. He ranked 131st in putting outside of 25 feet and 98th in putting from 3-5 feet. Second might be working on focusing on finishing a tournament stronger. He ranked 93rd in final round scoring.

– Brendon Locke, GolfTEC Mequon

6. What is your #1 favorite golf course of all time that you have played and why is it your favorite?

Kevin: The Olympic Club. No water on the course, but every hole has a specific shape to it and a shot you need to hit to maximize your chances of playing that hole well.

– Kevin Cubbage, GolfTEC Cherry Creek

7. What separates you from other teachers and coaches?

Patrick: Tough question because there a lot of good ones out there. If I had to pick some things that differentiate me from the others they would be:

  • My personality and energy on the lesson tee.
  • I feel I know what to overlook and pick the biggest priorities for people based on what their goals and frustrations.
  • Giving good homework between lessons. I feel this is something that is missed and giving people more guidance to their practice efforts teaches him or her to practice with purpose.


– Patrick Nuber, GolfTEC Headquarters

8. You have been in the business a long time. What is it about golf that keeps you in the game?

Ty: Greatest game ever invented and the only sport that has traveled off the planet to the moon. The challenge is mentally to keep it together and complete the round of golf you desire and the ability to play with any age level, gender or player level and have a blast.

– Ty Walker, GolfTEC Denver Tech Center

9. If you could put your dream foursome together, who would it be?

Kevin: My dad, my son and any other person who truly enjoys the game of golf. My second choice would be Hank Haney, Sean Foley and Butch Harmon. I would love 4-hours picking their brains and hearing stories about Tiger – the best of my era.

– Kevin Kehslinger, GolfTEC Mequon

10. How do you see the game changing in the next decade?

Nick: I see equipment playing a big role. It will be interesting to see what happens to the ball and distance that the ball flies. I believe that the best putters and the best drivers of the ball will be pretty successful.

– Nick Paez, GolfTEC Cleveland


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