Long Arms DrillThe follow-through of the golf swing is much like its report card. If you have a quality follow-through with your arms straight, body turning, tilting, and extending you most likely have a quality impact position. As we discussed in our Credit Card Drill, having the proper impact position allows you to achieve more solid contact and greater distance. However, if your follow-through has poor body positions and your bent elbow has too often been described as a “chicken wing,” then very likely you are a golfer frustrated by inconsistencies in ball contact, a slicing ball flight, and not hitting it as far as you feel you should.

What is really involved in achieving a quality follow through? It’s a combination of good arm and wrist motions as well as a body that is doing its part. Keeping the arc of your follow-through as wide as possible through arms that you never allow to bend at the elbow affords you more distance and will contribute to controlling your low point for good contact and your club face for ball control. As for the body–the primary power source for the golf swing–it is turning, staying tilted, and extending up and toward the target to help increase distance.

Below are three key components to a quality follow through:

  1. Hips extending or thrusting up and towards the target
  2. Both arms are straight
  3. Wrists flexed downwards, not upwards

Patrick Nuber, GolfTEC Manager of Teaching Quality & National Director of Instruction, explains the Long Arms Drill to help you perfect your follow-through for increased distance and better ball striking in the video below.

Don’t wait to start improving and enjoying your golf game. If you have a specific problem that needs to be addressed, get in touch with a GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach today to determine the best approach for you and your golf game.



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