Say Goodbye to 3-putts!

The Five-Second Rule

While we would all like to make every putt, the reality is that lag putting is an important part of the game. Improving your lag putting will allow you to leave yourself a much easier and more manageable second putt, thereby reducing the frequency that you have a dreaded 3-putt. Eliminating 3-putts will quickly lower your score and improve your confidence on the golf course. 

I want you to try this at home; Find a friend and stand five feet apart. Toss a ball underhanded to your friend. Now have them toss the ball back to you. Continue this exercise for a couple throws. Did anyone under throw or overthrow so badly that the ball was uncatchable?
For the most part, the simple act of “playing underhanded catch” is easy. What makes it so is that we are looking at our target and reacting it. Our brain is very good at determining pace and direction when we look at a target. However while putting we are taught to keep our eyes down and stare at the ball.

Ball Toss

When it comes to golf, most amateurs I see spend very little time looking at the target. In order to tap into your natural ability to determine pace and direction, stare at the target for 5 seconds right before you stroke the putt. I teach my students to literally count to five; one one-thousand, two one-thousand, etc. When you return your eyes over the ball, you can feel the distance. It’s important to stroke the putt immediately after you complete the five-second rule – don’t wait.

Look at the pinPractice around the putting green. Use the fringe line as your target and see how close you can get a ball to stop near the line. You will be surprised how well this tip works to improve your speed, lower your score and increase your putting confidence. Say goodbye to 3-putts! Check out additional golf drills on our blog located here. Contact a GolfTEC Coach to start playing better golf today! Mark Legenza is the Center Manager and Director of Instruction at GolfTEC Westminster. Mark is a PGA member and has taught thousands of lessons with GolfTEC.


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