Holiday gifts for all the golfers on your list!

Do you need a little inspiration to get your holiday shopping started for the golf fanatics in your life? To help you come up with plenty of gift ideas for golfers, we’ve compiled a list guaranteed to make the golf nut in your life jump with joy when they open their presents. And if YOU are the golf nut in your family, who says you can’t send this link around so everyone knows what will be a big hit with you this year? 

We proudly present GolfTEC’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

Personalized Golf Balls Custom Golf Balls
Starting with a go-to gift that I like to buy my golf friends & family members, you can order personalized golf balls from many different manufacturers, including Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, and more. Anything from a name to your favorite Caddyshack quote, this is a gift you can have some fun with. Our friends at Golfsmith are fans of personalizing golf balls and have plenty of brands and types of golf balls to choose from – visit them here to get your personalized golf balls ordered in time for the holidays!

Golf Lessons at GolfTEC!  
Is there really anything better than giving someone, including yourself, the gift of better golf? We couldn’t list all of these golf gifts without mentioning the great golf lessons gift packages we are offering only during the holidays. There are several different package options, ranging from a single lesson plan to a three lesson plan, to our complete Training Camp plan that includes 10 private golf lessons with your coach. Each of these packages includes a Swing Evaluation to get you started, as well as video-based practice credits to use between your lessons for truly effective game improvement. Visit for more information and to purchase your GolfTEC Gift Package!

GPS Memberships & Devices   Golfshot GPS
There are a few options for GPS applications and devices that golfers love. Golfshot Pro is one of the most comprehensive golf GPS, scorecard, and Android Wear  golf apps in the market. You get access to over 40,000 courses worldwide, hole-by-hole GPS distances, and game-improving features. For a limited time, Golfshot is offering GolfTEC fans a discount on annual Pro memberships for the holidays! Click here to get $10 off your purchase of a Pro membership using promo code GTEC19. Another option is to purchase a GPS device separate from your phone that is dedicated to the golf course. SkyGolf offers GPS through a variety of devices with color displays and accurate distances that range in features and price.

Golf Office Décor   Golf Office Decor
A great addition to a home office, game room, or various places around the house, golf artwork is sure to be enjoyed by the golf lover. Consider a framed print of one of their favorite golf holes (Augusta National 12th hole, for example), a personalized display for a recent hole in one, or even a den caddy golf bag to use for paper recycling and other items around the house. You might even consider a putting mat so your golfer can keep their stroke dialed in at all times!

Golf Stocking Stuffers   Golf Stocking Stuffers
What are the holidays without stocking stuffers and fun miscellaneous items? Help your golf buddy stand out in the group by adding some personality to their golf ball. Buy them some new sharpies to mark their golf ball like the pros, and consider getting a Tin Cup ball design to add a design to their golf ball with the permanent markers. Add in a new golf glove, a new divot tool set with ball markers, a sleeve of their favorite golf balls, and even a club cleaning brush and the stocking stuffers for your golfer will surely be enjoyed! (Ping Putting Cradle, Sky Pro)

Golf Shirts & Apparel   Golf Shirts & Apparel
A golfer can never have too many golf clothes. Expand your own or your golfer’s wardrobe with the latest selection of golf apparel from the leading brands. We have always enjoyed the Greg Norman Polos & the variety of the Adidas Golf apparel available for both men and women. Who doesn’t want to look good while playing so well?

Hand-Held Range Finders   Handheld Golf Rangefinders
If you or your friends prefer the hands-on approach to getting distances on the golf course, consider a hand-held range finder. There are a variety of different devices to choose from, each with different options and features that the gadget-lover will enjoy out on the course. Brands such as Laser Link Golf and Bushnell have range finders at many different price points so you’ll be sure to find one that’s right for your golfer. Learn about all of the different products by visiting Golfsmith’s website.

Activity Tracker & Fitness Monitor   Activity Monitors
This is a gift that extends beyond the golf course as we all set New Years resolutions to be more active and get more exercise every day. These devices can be worn like watches (and some of the options also serve as a watch you can wear), and they track steps taken, distance walked, calories burned and more. For the data-driven golfer, this is an interesting gift that will help them understand they are doing more on the course than shooting their personal best round. There are many different options, including the Fitbit, Nike FuelBand, Garmin Vivofit, and others.

New Golf Bag   Golf Bags
Are you or your golf buddies still using the same old golf bag that you were 10-15 years ago? It’s time to upgrade! There are lots of different options, including stand bags, cart bags with extra storage, and extremely light weight carry bags to choose from. With many different brands, colors, and price points, you’ll surely find the right golf bag to fit your golfer’s personality and style!

Golfsmith Gift Card   Golfsmith Gift Cards
If all else fails and you don’t know exactly what the golfer you are shopping for needs (or you’re simply running out of time!), you can’t go wrong with a Golfsmith gift card. You can buy the gift cards in your local Golfsmith store or online at

From all of us at GolfTEC, we want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!



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