Try this drill to improve your lag putting and lower your score!

Without a doubt, one of the most critical skills needed to reduce the number of three-putts you have is developing control of your speed and feel on the green. By developing a consistent feel on the green, you will give yourself a chance to make more putts and for those that don’t drop, a more makeable comeback putt.

The Lag-It Putting Drill is great to use for developing better speed control on the green, to quantifiably track and chart improvement through the scoring system, and for adding pressure to your putts as you continue improving and beating your best score. This putting drill is great to play as a game for some added friendly competition and just might provide that extra motivation to spend more time on the putting green. 

Andy Hilts, Vice President of Instruction & Education at GolfTEC

 Here is a summary of how to play the Lag-It Putting Drill:

  • Place a golf club approximately 18-24 inches past the hole. The closer the club is placed to the hole, the more difficult the scoring becomes.
  • A putt short of the hole gets 0 points.
  • A putt that hits or goes past the club beyond the hold also gets 0 points.
  • A putt that goes past the hole but doesn’t touch the club gets 1 point.
  • A putt that goes in gets 2 points.
  • Total your points after putting from each distance to set your benchmark and tracking your progress.

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