POWER! For some it is the ONLY part of golf, but for all it is a necessity.

There are 3 primary ways to hit the ball farther and I’ll go over those in just a minute.

Everyone reading this could play better golf and shoot lower scores if they hit the ball farther than they currently do. The research and statistics provided by ShotLink (with TOUR players), as well as amateur golfer data show time and time again that more distance equals lower scores.

Question time! Would you rather be 20 yards farther but in the rough or 20 yards back and in the middle of the fairway? Most people take the fairway option, but statistically, it’s NOT the way to go. Again, research proves that over the long term, someone who has the first option (longer but in the rough) will score better than the shorter but straighter player.

Everybody’s game is different of course, and if you spray the ball so badly that your percentage of shots out of bounds or that end up in trouble is too high, you need to focus on accuracy. However, the majority of golfers would be better off hitting the ball as far as possible.

The best solution is to see your local PGA Professional and take sequential lessons to improve your game over time.

Alright here is what you’ve been waiting for! What are 3 ways to hit the ball farther?

1. Technique     2. Equipment     3. Fitness


Focus on TechniqueIt should be no surprise that if your swing is more efficient you’ll be able to pour on power. If your club is in a good position based on good body movement, not too much can go wrong and you’ll be able to swing faster. When your club is not in an ideal position during the swing and you have to make compensations, your ball contact will suffer.

Have you ever played a few days in a row and just hit the ball great? Of course, we all have. But what happens if you take off a few days or a week? The bad shots come back. The reason that happens is because after a few days of consecutive playing, your timing is very good. Your flaws aren’t apparent because you compensate well. But after some time off the course, if your swing isn’t as efficient as possible your timing will be gone. Bottom line: you want a swing that isn’t dependent solely on timing.


Proper EquipmentGolf equipment manufacturers have access to space-age materials and high-tech testing and R&D facilities. If you are playing equipment older than five years, you are likely giving up distance. A proper fitting by a Certified Personal Coach can help the golfer find the right equipment for their game and meet their distance goals.

Even irons are starting to incorporate driver technology into the head to get players more distance, like the Callaway XR irons. Here’s another question for you: how many of TOUR players play blades? Far fewer than you might think! Most people think more than 75% or more of TOUR players are playing blade irons when that’s just not true. Why make the game harder? If you can get a new driver, irons, hybrid or woods that can increase your odds of hitting a good shot then why not play those odds?


Golf FitnessYes, I said it. I know you don’t want to hear it, but in addition to better technique and better equipment, you’ve got to get stronger in order to increase club head speed which increases ball speed, ultimately increasing distance.

A BIG misconception is that getting stronger will reduce flexibility, however the research is heavily in favor of the other viewpoint; getting more physically fit and stronger will actually INCREASE flexibility. Being able to lift heavier things, run faster and jump higher will show up in golf as more stability in your swing and more distance in your shots. Just look at the top players in the world now.

Improving your fitness will help you get to better positions in the swing (technique) and will also maximize the ability of the technology you use on the course (equipment).

So there you have it…three ways to increase your distance on the course. Unfortunately there isn’t a red or blue Matrix pill I could sell you to increase distance (I’d be taking that pill too if it were available)! Good luck and as always, see your GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach for help in all these areas.



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